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  • New Book

    I know what you are thinking, "Rabbi, you need to take a course in marketing."

    "I don't need a book on how to ruin my marriage - I already know how to do that!"

    As it says in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe, the secret of flying is to fall to the ground.... and miss.

    Warren Buffet's long standing business partner, Charlie Munger, says the same thing in business, know where you will die (in business) and don't go there.

    Similarly, the key to being happily married is to know the things that ruin your marriage and simply stop doing them.


    Save yourself the trouble of marriage counseling - get this book and don't do what it says!

  • Needy People (part 1)

    Isn’t it amazing how everyone finds needy people annoying (except of course the needy people). One really needy person is all it takes to suck the life right out of you – no matter how good a day you are having.

    Needy people are in a class all to themselves. Even arrogant, rude or self-centered people can have friends -- not the needies. Not even other needy people like them.
    It’s like needies are an antithesis of life itself. Why?

    Let me try and explain.

    Every single person on this planet is born to achieve one thing. 

  • It

    It’s your job to catch them before they do something wrong.

    I recently heard this story.

    Officer Oddonez was called to the scene of an accident involving a kid and a motorbike. The bike was the boy’s graduation present.

    I will spare you all the gory details except to tell you this. The officer told me he thought the boy was travelling at least 150mph when he came off the bike because that’s where the needle was stuck.

    The officer had the gruesome task of waking the parents up at 3am to tell the dour news. It’s a policeman’s job to catch your child doing something wrong. It’s the parent's job to catch them way before then.

    In other words, what do you do if you suspect your child is moving in the wrong direction, or is doing something wrong but you don’t have the evidence?


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