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Windows and Doors
looking window.jpg
I wish I had a Bentley for every person who told me how closed minded their spouse was. And then a Ferrari for those same people who thought the opposite of their children.
If this happened rarely I would have thought people are unlucky in marriage and clever in parenting, and I would have one Bentley and one Ferrari. But that’s not what it is.
We all have windows and we all have doors. 
There are things a sister can say that a parent couldn’t dream of, similarly a boss to an employee, an old man to a teenager. Everyone has a window, even your teenage son and here is the shocker: even your spouse!
The problem is, you keep knocking at the door instead of calling through the window.
My Bathtub
my bathtub.jpg

Despite what the Wall Street Journal might tell you, things have never looked bleaker for the top 1% wealthiest people on this planet.

By that I mean you and me.

Take a look at these quadrants:

1) The Rich get Richer

2) The Poor get Richer

3) The Rich get Poorer

4) The Poor get Poorer

One of them is not true.

I Hate You
i love you.jpgChildren fall into two basic categories, those who have said “I hate you” and those that are going to say it.

Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it!

Children say it, not because they mean it, but because you are a baby boomer, and they know it. And like all baby boomers you want to be their best friend.

Your children can sniff out your weaknesses better than a police drug dog in the San Francisco Airport. They know what you want and (more importantly) don’t want to hear.
They have your number!