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  • Three Things You Never Knew About Affairs

    Having an affair is akin to opening an airplane window halfway across the Atlantic, the results being almost identical.

    But whereas most people understand the concept of being sucked out of a pressurized chamber 30,000 feet up, they don’t understand why affairs happen.

    What you need to know will shock you. 

  • Thanksgiving Obituary

    What I find fascinating about this obituary, is not simply the story, but that a street beggar's death got a full page in the New York Times.

    Celestine Tate Harrington, died Feb. 19, 1998 from being struck by two cars as she traveled down the middle of the street on her gurney in Atlantic City. She was 42.

    Harrington was born with stunted, useless arms and legs. Her teenage mother had attempted to have an abortion, but the procedure went wrong and instead Celeste was born with limbs that stopped working below her elbows and knees. She traveled face down on a motorized hospital-style gurney, steering it by using her head.

    In 1984 she began working the Boardwalk using a slot machine bucket. She was cited dozens of times by police for begging, soliciting, making noise or not having a mercantile license. But in 1989, city officials agreed to relax insurance requirements for her and create a special "event" permit under which she could perform legally.

    In 1996 she published a book...

  • Parenting a Teenager, part 2

    Or what I like to call "teenaging," but is more commonly known by the acronym: MKADMC.
    My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!
    Teenaging is the (often) painful and slow process of training parents in how to raise teenagers.
    To call raising a teenager "parenting" is like calling bungee jumping “skipping.”
    Teenaging officially begins at around 11 or 12.  However, cases of "teenage-itis" have been known to break out in children as young as 9 or 10, and I can testify to the fact that some of my kids (as young as 6 or 7) broke out with the same symptoms as my 17-year-old.
    Don't worry, that's what single-malt scotch was invented for.
    If you are just embarking on the teenaging years, then the vast majority of the advice you’ve read about “parenting” is about as useful as a retirement plan at Lehman Brothers. 
    Rule 2 of Teenaging: Change your definition of winning.


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