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  • How many light bulbs does it take to change a husband?

    Or, what to do when your husband doesn’t do what you asked.


    Al Capone was once asked why he was a gangster. His answer was, “You get more from a gun and a handshake than you do with a handshake.”
    The truth is however, force is a very weak instrument for persuasion.
    Let me explain. There can be quite a few reasons your husband is not doing what you asked, other than he just isn’t bright enough to get it and using force is not going to change that reality. 
    In marriage, force (and this is REAL important), whether that be yelling or other unpleasant tactics never creates a more perfect union.
  • If only"" really means ""only if""

    Picture this scene: You buy two lottery tickets, one for yourself and one for a friend.  You hand your friend his and you keep the other.  The next day you find out he won the jackpot.

    "If only I had given him the other ticket!"

    The truth is, it's not just these dramatic moments when we use "if only."   It's all the time.  

    People who are "If only" people cannot be happy.

  • When it comes to children, just say....

    Call me slow or dim-witted, but I always thought "no" summed it up pretty clearly.

    I'm a sort of an old-fashioned, Oxford English Dictionary kind of guy. “No” means no. As in no, you can't eat more candy, take the car out for a spin on your 13th birthday, or sell your new brother Zak on eBay.

    But that's me.
    In the kid dictionary, “no” means “maybe, possibly, depends, wait 5 minutes and ask again.”

    And here we have the great parental debate: What do we do with a no.


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