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  • I was once mugged....

    I tell you this not to compare it to marriage, but to tell you a simple insight I am sure you have found to be true in your profession.

    After a while, you've seen every scenario.  Although the police officer didn't know who did it, he knew who didn't.  They've seen it all before. 

    When I go to the doctor or dentist, they are only looking like they are surprised, believe me, you aren't breaking medical history.

    This is where marriage comes in. 

  • Needy People (part 2)

    Needy people don’t wake up in the morning singing, “Oh how much fun this is.”

    Test it out for yourself. Send “Needy People part 1” (click here for the article) to the neediest person you know and they will thank you. Not because you have opened their eyes to their own dysfunction, but rather because they think it’s talking about someone else.

    Proof of this is you. Now don’t get too bent out of shape, I mean me too. Everyone is a needie to someone else.

    This leads us to one of the great truths of existence: there’s always someone more needy. It’s like a law of Physics -- somewhere another needy person pops out, and just when you think you’ve got rid of one, another shows up on your doorstop.

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

    In essence, life presents us with three choices…


  • When kids don't meet our expectations

    This question was recently posed to me:

    "My son told me he got an 86% on his Math test. He was somewhat proud of himself, however I looked at him and said, "You didn't try hard enough.”

    He (the son) got quite angry and said, "Isn't 86 good enough for you?"

    I know he’s really good at math and if he had tried harder he could have got a 90 or more.

    Am I being too tough in expecting more from him?"

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