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  • Don't Worry, be Happy!

    How much is it worth to you to not worry?

    Given the choice, would you rather spend a weekend learning how to be happy or learning how to not worry?

    I know a lot of people would say, "If I didn't worry I would be happy."

    But that is just not true.  Lack of worry is nice, but it won't give you the warm and fuzzies. For that, you need the real thing: joy.

    A big reason we don't have balance in our lives is we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to relieve ourselves of worry. This is, at best, a shallow stand-in for enjoying life.


    I'm all for long, hot baths and jogs around the park, but when all is said and done, balance is not achieved through either of these. Don't get me wrong, we need to do things that relieve stress, but we also need to do things to increase joy. This is the real meaning of balance.
    Balance is the equal distribution of stress on one side, and happiness on the other.
    We can play hot/cold in the stress/relax game all we want, but it just won't add up to a sense of fulfillment because we are only dealing with one side of the equation.


    All the pleasures of this world can be divided into these two categories.
  • Saving Money

    I don't care what your net worth is, there's nothing like saving money. A person might be driving a $100,000 car and feel good saving $5 in gas.

    When gas goes up, I fortunately don’t have to tell the kids, “No jelly on the peanut butter today,” nevertheless it still bugs me to no end that the next gas station sold the same stuff at a 3 cent a gallon discount.

    Something is going on here that is clearly more than just the money to live.

    Just like all pleasures are not the same, similarly there are different types of pain. Judaism asserts that there’s a certain type of anguish whenever you spend more than you need.

    It’s not simply about saving money. Our rich friend above could have bought a car for $10,000 and over spent on gas the rest of his life and still be financially better off.

    It’s deeper than that…


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