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  • Peace in the home

    How many of these statements are true?

    I eat more than I should.

    I get angry more than I would like.

    I don’t work out as often as I need to.

    I waste more time than I care to keep track of.

    If any of these are familiar to you, then you can well appreciate how unproductive self-ridicule is.

    Beating yourself up over your mistakes, whether verbally or not, is sort of like accidentally hitting your thumb while hammering in a nail. Would you then switch hands and hit the other thumb in revenge?


    We think of ourselves as one whole unit not separate parts. As such, our legs are not separate from our stomach any more than one thumb from the other. And even though we sometimes do things that are a little self-destructive, we try to avoid self-abuse.

    We may not feel like working out and we may eat a little too much, but we don't see our legs as enemies any more than our stomach is. We are not at war with ourselves, rather we are all on the same team.

  • What is The Worst Word in the English Language?

    No, it’s not hate, anger or even war.

    It’s not even “no.”

    And “indifference” isn’t even warm.

    This word is so bad all you have to do is say it once and it will ruin anything good. It’s so toxic that even a wedding will be turned into a kind of “B” horror flick.

    This word (and it’s synonyms) is the key to a child’s depression and it’s removal from your daily lexicon can almost guarantee their immunity from drugs.
    Want to have a little fun, take a pool with your co-workers or maybe at home amongst your family before you click on the answer.

  • The 6 Big Mistakes in Parenting - Mistake #3

    Mistake 3: The Parenting Fool

    Even though it is often said, "A wise man learns from his own mistakes," it is actually a misnomer.

    Let me explain. The core reason for the remarkable rise in life expectancy is because people want to be healthy more than they want to be right.


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