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  • The Cure For The Marriage Blues (Part Two)

    SCENE: An expensive downtown florist.

    In walks a man and spends a good half-an-hour painstakingly assembling a most remarkable and most expensive bouquet.

    As the florist rings up the quite impressive bill, she remarks: “A surprise for your wife?”
    To which he answers, “Yes…. she’s expecting diamonds!”

    Nothing in life is ever what it really is... Read more...
  • My private conversation

    Would you indulge me for a moment, and partake in a conversation I had with myself.

    I asked myself this question, and followed the response I got (from myself):
    Do I think I would change if I saw the splitting of the Red Sea?

    "Yes, of course."  

    That's the easy answer.

    But, you have seen movies of the splitting of the Red Sea, and nothing happened?

    "But that's not real."

    So.  Do we need reality to change?

    Does an external reality ever make us change?

    "No, not really.  I can hardly think of one time where something happened that made me change!"

    How many "realities" are we waiting for, that we use as an excuse before we change?

    "If" this happens, then I will be happy.  "If" that happens then I will be more responsible, etc., etc.,

    "If the people around me were only nicer...."
    "If I had more money...."
    "If I had a better job...."
    "If my spouse...."
    "If my kids...."

    Are there any excuses I left out?

    The Jewish people did not leave Egypt because the Red Sea split.  
    It's because they left Egypt that the Red Sea could split.  They had to make the first move.

    Why do we change?

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