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  • Olympic Bliss

    With the Olympics coming up, I thought you would find this meaningful:

    "Human beings excel in things that cannot be measured."

    I always find it interesting how interesting gymnastics and figure skating is.  I remember as a kid watching the gymnastics and arguing with the referees.  Insinuating something about their national origin, unless of course, they agreed with us!

    As I studied more about life, I thought it would be great to have an Olympics on things that really mattered.

    But, then I realized, the things that really count in life cannot be compared.  It's hard to say that DaVinci could have done better, or that Mozart is better than Picasso.  However, there is an area of life that has a measuring stick, marriage.

  • It's time to beat stress

    Stress comes in two flavors.

    The first is simply overwhelming: blinding headaches, palpitations, maybe even a stroke. This is the kind that makes it into the medical soap operas. 

    The second is the tension you take home from work, the worry that nags in the background: "What if the check bounces? Does the new boss like me? The mortgage comes due when?"

    On the surface the first kind might seem worse, but when we think about it, we all know that's not true.

  • I caught my son stealing

    This was a question I recently received from an obviously distraught mother:

    I found a lot of money in my son’s room, he’s just started his teen years and I am fairly sure my wallet is missing some money.

    I am afraid to confront him, he has a self-confidence issue and he will think I don’t trust him. If he denies it I don’t have solid proof, all I have is a strong hunch. Plus, if he really didn’t take it, he’s going to think that when anything goes wrong I will immediately blame him.

    I have caught him doing things like this before, but it’s usually red-handed and he can’t get out of it. Last time I told him I was very disappointed. But I don’t know what I should do now, please help.

    Dear Distraught Mom,

    Sit down with him and present the facts making sure your words and tone do not imply any negative judgment.

    In your mind you should be thinking that he did NOT take the money. This is important, because it will reflect outwardly to him that you trust him.

    Then just ask him if he took it.

    Now, this is what you can expect:


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