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  • Are you on the Titanic?

    When we consider that it took the Belfast shipbuilders three years to build the Titanic, it might seem disproportionate that is sank in less than five days.

    However, a simple appreciation of the forces at play will change the question to, how did it last that long?

    In the subsequent inquiries many new maritime safety regulations were enacted, not because the Titanic was an unusual boat, but precisely because without these measures such a tragedy is almost inevitable.

    In other words, the Titanic, a ship of such size and sophistication was almost doomed from the moment it left Southampton in 1912.

    The real question: why couldn't very smart people, who had a real interest in avoiding the inevitable, see it coming? Especially when we consider that no great genius was required on the part of the later investigative teams that pointed out the Titanic’s obvious failings.

    Which means to say, we wouldn’t catch it either.

  • STEPS TO WEALTH #1: Define Wealth

    I would hazard to guess that more people want to be rich than just about any other goal on this planet. 

    The obvious question is, why does it evade so many? 

    The answer is the subject of an endless number of books, seminars and websites. Many careers and fortunes have been made just trying to answer that question, correctly or not.

    Let me see if I can add something to the debate. In my opinion, the primary reason for failure is a poor definition of wealth.

    As obvious as we think it is, wealth evades people for the simple reason they start with an unclear definition of what it means.

    Believe it or not, money and wealth are NOT the same thing.

  • Parenting is easy.....

    That is unless you want to get it right of course.
    And therein lies the rub, it's easy to get it wrong and never know.... well, you will know, but by then the only thing that might help is therapy. 

    Parenting is like two people jumping out of a plane, one with a parachute, one without, they both will hit the ground.  Getting there is no measure of success, it's the shape you are in that counts.

    The problem with parenting is, like jumping out of a plane, other than the end goal, there are very few (if none) markers along the way that tell you if you are doing a good job.


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