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  • Iceberg Love

    People hate their spouses for the things they love!

    When I started working with couples in marriage counseling, I noticed an odd but consistent pattern. People hated their spouses for the very thing that once attracted them. It took a while to figure out what was going on, but soon I was able to explain to each spouse how they picked their poison, pardon the expression.

    Let us suppose Harry is a completely disorganized chap with a happy-go-lucky attitude. He smiles all the time and enjoys life thoroughly. He has a job that is nowhere near as challenging as he could handle with his natural talents, but the salary is perfect for his lifestyle and he doesn’t need the ulcers. One day he meets Alice.

    Alice is superwoman. She organizes her garbage, outperforms everyone in her firm, has meetings on the train to work and she’s so scheduled that she hasn’t got time for a second scoop of ice cream.

    They meet in an elevator, where obviously neither would look twice at the other, but then the elevator jams and they are stuck for a good 45 minutes. After a while, Alice is charmed at how Harry is at peace with the whole incident. She wishes she could enjoy life like that. Harry, on the other hand, is blown over by how many meetings Alice has to cancel and how her whole week is thrown off by this delay. He thinks to himself, “I wish I could get so much done.”

  • Do you suffer from P.B.M ?


    I don't want to sound alarmist here and start a national pandemic, but if you have seen the movie Contagion, then you know we are talking about a major motion picture scary experience.

    It all started, when Erik Lindenauer noticed odd things happening. Now, according to many leading experts, 24 out of every two dozen parents suffer some kind of P.B.M or related illness.

    Yet despite it's widespread and growing infection rate, there is no medical protocol for its prevention or cure. 

    Therefore, it's up to each one of us to do everything we can to save ourselves from Parent Brain Mush.

    Click here to see the first signs of infection and learn for yourself the 3 simple things you can do to keep your mind safe....

  • How to Parent a Teenager, part 1

    Or, for those who want something a little easier, "How to Assemble a Nuclear Submarine in Your Basement."

    Rule 1 in parenting a teenager: Don't blame your spouse.  

    Let's say you are going head-to-head with your teenage son or daughter. It's loud, aggravating and circular. You aren't getting anywhere except closer to a nervous breakdown.

    Typically, it's easier to get your spouse to step in, and annoying when they don't seem to help or take your side.

    Don't blame your spouse. 

    If you go back far enough in your memory banks, you will recall this rule from your own teenage years. Your squabbles with your mother rarely had anything to do with your father, and vise versa.


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