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  • Marriage is like a pond

    Did you ever hear a girl on a date ask, "Do you change toilet rolls?"  Or a guy ask, "How many dents do you have in your car?"

    Would you ever tell someone about to get married, "You know, he doesn't lift the seat."  Or, "She's always on the phone."
    No.  You know why?
    Because when you are dating those things don't bother you.
    I was asked this question in my class recently as I was drinking a cup of water....  no, I didn't do some ventriloquist trick and I didn't spray them with water either.  The question went something like this, "What is the most common reason people get divorced?"
    It was perfect timing, I pointed to the cup, "In here is the answer."

  • The Parenting Road Map

    It has become ever so trite to state that in business if you don't know where you want to end up chances are you won't get there.

    This is obviously true in just about every and all of our endeavours, not least of which is parenting.

    This tool will help you plot out your own parenting road map.  Because, as much as we tend to think we are clear where we want our children to end up, it's very easy to be ambiguous.  Not only to us, but to our children, and even our spouses.  And confusion and conflicts love vagueness.   

    Okay, so here's what to do:  click here to download your FREE Parenting Road Map 


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