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    Here at Bliss HQ, our scientists do not squirm from taking on the really big issues of life.

    As such, we have isolated the gene that makes men incapable of remembering birthdays and anniversaries, and we are genetically mutating it with the gene that enables them to remember 20 years of football scores.

    Early experiments in male mice are proving very promising. One interesting behavioral change in the mutated mice is that they tend to move things in cabinets without asking why they can’t find anything.

  • 99% of what you worry about...

    ...doesn’t ever happen, and what does happen is not on the list!

    In error, you might conclude, “I have the wrong list.”

    Despite the fact we complain about it, it’s for this reason we follow the news and current tragedies – we want to compile the "right" worry list.

    I hate to break it to you, but 99% of what EVERYONE worries about doesn’t happen. Whatever list you or anyone else has, G-d is using a different one.

    Even the President of the United States who has a small army of staffers just dedicated to figuring out what to worry about didn’t list the Twin Towers coming down. If the President couldn’t figure out what to worry about, then what chance do you and I have?

    In short, we not only have a list of worries, but we also worry about whether we have the right list!

    Interestingly, and as odd as it might sound, happiness is worrying about the right things in life (Proverbs 28:14).

    What is the right worry?

  • The Worst Parenting Advice, ever!

    “You won't see it coming”

    Some advice is bad because it’s wrong, and some is bad because it isn’t.

    I doubt anyone can look at a three year old child and predict a future sociopath, drug addict or any other deviant, and that’s without a parent’s rose colored glasses.

    With that, I strongly caution every parent to watch this (please be aware it’s very disturbing): Teens On Heroin


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