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  • The Gadget they need to invent

    A mirror.

    I know what you are thinking. “Rabbi, you need to get out more.”

    I don’t mean a mirror of the body; I mean a mirror of the soul.

    Think what life was like before we had mirrors. Before that fateful day, no one had any idea how bad they looked to other people (which explains the state of dental care in my home country, England).

    The only people who had a clue were the ones who listened to their spouses. Everyone else was blithely strolling along looking like village idiots. Then along came mirrors and with them the famous spousal line, “I told you so.”

  • 3 Questions to GROW Your Business

    Think of this, you just bought a lottery ticket for the grand prize of $250 million.  Your number however was one away from the jackpot.

    Picking the wrong number is a mistake, but it's not a strategic mistake.

    Que 2:  What is my Strategic Mistake?

    Picking the wrong number is a mistake in information.  This is how we tend to look at all our mistakes, that we just didn't have the right information.

    That kind of thinking is stopping you from growing your business.

  • The 6 Big Mistakes in Parenting - Mistake #3

    Mistake 3: The Parenting Fool

    Even though it is often said, "A wise man learns from his own mistakes," it is actually a misnomer.

    Let me explain. The core reason for the remarkable rise in life expectancy is because people want to be healthy more than they want to be right.


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