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This short video is just packed with messages. I’ve already watched it a few times and plan to watch it more – it really hit home (for me) on how to live — I hope it does something for you! Please leave a comment below and pass along – thanks!

One of the Worlds’ leading experts on marriage answers this common question.

After watching this very inspiring video, consider this:  If the good we do for strangers comes back to us, just imagine how much more comes back when we help those closest to us.  Our parents, our siblings, our children and maybe most of all, our spouse.   Please leave a comment below and pass along – […]

This short (and funny) video has some thoughtful messages about love and marriage. Please leave a comment below and pass along – thanks!

Maralyn Monroe famosly said, “I can resist everything but termpation.” I am sure we all have things we would like to control better. The trick is to imagine a scenario where control is easy. Thanks to Rabbi Elliot Mathias for sending me this one.   Please leave a comment below and pass along – thanks!

  You don’t have to stop a speeding train to be a hero. You just need to take some time and look for people in need. COMMENT:  


Please pass along – thanks! Thanks to Sheri Heller for this one.

The Talmud says that some people figure out what life is all about in an instant, and for others it takes them their whole lives. Ric had an amazing gift – and he is sharing it with us. Let’s use it wisely! Please share with your friends – thanks!

Take a look at this video with your family, then discuss the questions below.   Quotes and Questions: Do you agree with this: “Life is about opportunities.” Given the choice: Would you go back into that body? What does Janine mean when she said: “This was everyone’s pain.” Do you think Janine enjoys life more […]

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