When kids don’t meet our expectations

July 11, 0011 | admin
This question was recently posed to me: "My son told me he got an 86% on his Math test. He was somewhat proud of himself, however I looked at him and said, "You didn't try hard enough.” He (the son) got quite angry and said, "Isn't 86 good enough for you?" I know he’s really good at math and if he had tried harder he could have got a 90 or more. Am I being too tough in expecting more from him?"
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Saving Money

May 29, 0011 | admin saving.jpg
I don't care what your net worth is, there's nothing like saving money. A person might be driving a $100,000 car and feel good saving $5 in gas. When gas goes up, I fortunately don’t have to tell the kids, “No jelly on the peanut butter today,” nevertheless it still bugs me to no end that the next gas station sold the same stuff at a 3 cent a gallon discount. Something is going on here that is clearly more than just the money to live. Just like all pleasures are not the same, similarly there are different types of pain. Judaism asserts that there’s a certain type of anguish whenever you spend more than you need. It’s not simply about saving money. Our rich friend above could have bought a car for $10,000 and over spent on gas the rest of his life and still be financially better off. It’s deeper than that…
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Bait & Switch”” for the High School Drug Pusher

February 18, 0011 | admin
When I was a mere lad, you actually got what you thought you were buying. Today, cereal boxes advertise giant chunks of cereal with massive strawberries. To be fair, it doesn’t really bother me that they aren’t really that size. What I do find interesting is the little asterisk pointing to a note that the fruit isn't there, and it isn’t that big. It seems a lot of businesses are afraid of disappointing you. Everyone that is, except the High School dope pusher. He’s happily misleading his customers.
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The Worst Parenting Advice, ever!

November 17, 0010 | admin
“You won't see it coming” Some advice is bad because it’s wrong, and some is bad because it isn’t. I doubt anyone can look at a three year old child and predict a future sociopath, drug addict or any other deviant, and that’s without a parent’s rose colored glasses. With that, I strongly caution every parent to watch this (please be aware it’s very disturbing): Teens On Heroin
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Dream Big

December 16, 0009 | admin
  Before I came to these United States, I had no idea how easy it was to raise healthy, optimistic, energetic, and wildly open minded children. Apparently, it’s all down to shampoo and breakfast cereal. I am also informed that if you pick out the right fabric softener your kids will love you and your life will become stress free - wow. That has to be the reason why so many parents are bemused and confused that their teenage children give them so much grief. I mean, they bought all the right brands, color coordinated their living room and even said “no” to drugs. Yet, their children didn’t laugh all the time, like the ones bouncing down the stairs holding the latest fluffy toilet roll.
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The Strategic Parent

December 16, 0009 | admin pile of books.jpg
    Last time I looked on Amazon there were more than 50,000 books on parenting. Assuming no plagiarism, that’s an awful lot of help. Even if parents had the luxury to sit and read, by the time they covered the subject of infants, their children would be married with kids of their own. Maybe parents could read everything there is to know about the Terrible Twos by the birth of their third or fourth grandchild. One has to wonder what people did before these piles of parenting books anyway? Was the world overrun with psychopaths? And since Dr. Spock created the parenting book genre, has our ratio of psychopaths diminished? I don’t think so.
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Grow Your Love Mission to Israel

December 4, 0006 | admin web
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