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January 27, 2009 | admin



You just found out you won the lottery.  

The big one.  

$200 million!


You feel great, right?  You are walking on air, on top of the world, floating.
But really, what has happened?
You are still exactly the same person you were two minutes before. You have exactly the same issues, problems, baggage and junk.
Yes, I know, tomorrow will be different, but right now, nothing has changed.

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Except for how you think about tomorrow.
Or, to be more precise, how you think. 
This is the paradigm shift. 
How you think changes everything.
Everything is in your control if you know how to think about it.
That is what you will be able to do after 24 sessions.

How is this different than therapy?

This is not counseling; it’s not about digging up skeletons and baggage. It’s about doing what it takes to have the best life you have ever experienced or imagined.
Life has its ups and downs. Rather than delving into the “downs,” we try to understand the “ups” and how to make those the norm.
If it sounds like fun to you, it is. Try it, the first session is free, no commitment necessary.

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Is BLISS private coaching for me?

Everything we do, and especially the things we do well, is helped through coaching.
Book a private session with Rabbi Baars now, Email: info@getbliss.com and see how much you can gain.

"Getting the most out of life is not going to happen unless you are getting the most out of every part of your life." 

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