3 Questions to GROW Your Business

February 11, 2009 | admin
Within every endeavor of life, lies a secret.  This secret is never exposed even when it’s widely published.
What makes Michael Jordan better than the rest?  We can ask the same about Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, Bob Hope, and on and on.  Yet despite an overabundance of literature and documentaries, no one seems to be able to imitate their success.  Why?
Their secret is never exposed.
It’s sort of like watching a 3D movie without the proper glasses.  You just don’t see how it all fits together.  Yes, you can see everything someone with the glasses can see, but it’s not 3D.
It’s not about information, it’s about understanding.  Tiger Woods understands what he does.  For the rest of us, it’s just information.
To turn information into understanding, you need the right glasses.  Those glasses are respect and humility.  Once you treat the game with the right respect, you will understand the difference.
The same is true with money: Respect the rich person and you will understand their secret.
Today, anyone making money is not lucky but a possessor of the secret.  Find them and stand up for them.

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