3 Questions to GROW your Business

January 9, 2009 | admin
The Talmud says, "Before G-d sends the disease He sends the cure."  That means your solution is here, right here, right in front of your face. 
From personal experience, there are opportunities in front of us that we have not tried either because they contradict conventional wisdom or we are stuck in our own narrow thinking.
So ask the question: What am I missing?
Not so easy, is it?  Let me give you an analogy, you are leaving the house and you know you forgot something.
Annoying isn’t it?
Well, our question is not like that.  What’s it’s like however, is this, you leave the house, you forgot something, you are not aware that you forgot something, and your spouse turns to you and says, “So what did you forget?” 
And you haven’t a clue what she is talking about.
That’s what our question is like.  If you don’t figure it out you will miss your flight because you forgot your passport.
If nothing comes to mind, and you really are committed to growth, then do this:
Spend one hour per week alone, no radio, television, phone, nothing.  Just sit in a chair with a piece of paper and pen, and ask yourself the question: "What am I missing?"
I promise, you will see it.
I just had a three hour car ride.  I turned off the radio and just asked myself this question, "What am I missing?"
The question really does work.
If you have never done anything like this before, you are going to find the hour very painful.  But, by the end you will be flying.
I think I’m a great golfer (I don’t really, but stay with the analogy), but when I play next to Tiger Woods and I can see what I am doing wrong.  
Similarly, almost everyone is struggling in business, so it looks just like two bad golfers swinging at the ball, neither understands what they are doing wrong.  As far as we can see, our efforts are as good as anyone else’s.  But within three years you will be standing next to people who figured out what they were missing (that’s how he became Tiger Woods) and you will still be swinging at the ball on the tee.
Tune in next week for Question 2.

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