3 simple ways to boost your child

February 22, 2011 | admin


Simple Way #2: Ask them a joke.

We all need to feel we are making a difference. This is a big part of self confidence.

However, it’s not just GE or Nike that have outsourced, our homes and lives exhibit the same concept, we have other people run our houses so that our children are rarely needed.

So if you want to me them feel needed, you can’t do much better than making someone happy, so ask them for a joke.

And be happy!

Variants on this theme: some kids like to make dinner for the family, decorate a room – it may seem like a chore for you, but to them it makes them feel needed and appreciated. 

Simple Way #3: Tell them how lucky you are.

Imagine being on a 747 to Japan and half way around the world the pilot comes out of the cockpit with a very worried look on her face.

You are the pilot of your family and if you aren’t feeling life is good, then you don’t inspire confidence in your children.

I know the problems you are facing are enormous, but in a similar example as above, if the 7p.m. news started with an announcement from the CEO of the local nuclear power plant, “I’ve got some bad news for anyone living in the Western Hemisphere…” You wouldn’t be very up-beat about the future.

If you don’t have confidence in the future, then it’s going to be hard for your children to feel any different.

Your problems don’t become less when you look how you feel. You are the king/queen of your family, so speak with confidence if you want your kids to be confident too. It’s better if you believe it, but just like a pilot, CEO or a king, keep the bad news for yourself and the good news for everyone else.


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