3 simple ways to Think Like a Winner

May 16, 2013 | admin

A person who is susceptible to resentment simply does not think along lines that will enable him or her to take an individual success and springboard it into the life they really would like.

If you are in resentment mode, you can’t possibly be in success mode. Unfortunately, 99% of people are in resentment mode, that’s why we think it is normal. Not only that, but because these are all the people we meet and talk to, most have no idea how to get out of it.

What’s more disturbing is that there’s no end to the products that keep us in resentment mode. Simply put, alcohol and its variations (drugs, legal and otherwise) don’t put us in a success mode, they just numb our feelings of resentment. Those feelings and attitudes are still there.

If you don’t believe me, go speak to a winner, there isn’t an ounce of resentment in them.

To succeed, you need to think like a winner.

So let me first tell you the good news — having a winning attitude is not just a technique — it’s a lifestyle. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes intoxicating and takes on a life of its own. So even though it feels like moving a mountain to get rid of those deep-seated resentments, it’s simply not as hard as you think – just give it a try.

Here are three techniques that will get you on the path:

1) Write down all the people you have resentments towards on a piece of paper – and burn it.

If you like cigars, use the opportunity to light up a big stogie and enjoy. Why enjoy? Because getting rid of your resentments is going to be one of the best moves of your life.

After you have done that, you are ready for stage two:

2) If there are still people you are resentful to, then do something nice for them.

“After everything they did to me!!!!”

Actually, they did very little. The feelings of resentment which you control are far worse than the harm they did.

You have a choice, would you rather do a small token measure of goodwill and be free of negative feelings and get on the path to success, or keep your head in the sewer of misery?

3) Pray.

If after all this you are still resentful, then pray.

You don’t have to believe in God, but asking “whoever is up there” for some help makes a huge difference.


Because resentment has to do with control. We detest feeling powerless. In fact, we can live with worse that we do to ourselves than half that infraction at the hands of another.

Actually, it’s this kind of low quality thinking that makes us susceptible to being resentful. And until you change that you are just waiting for someone to rip you off so you can be resentful again.

The truth is, feeling powerless is addictively pleasant. There are things we simply cannot control, but, more importantly, knowing what we do control is the secret to winning.

Thus, praying closes the circle. It changes the way we think about life.

In fact, until we know the difference between what we can control and cannot control, life will continue to seem unfair.

Get used to it. 

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