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March 19, 2008 | admin

Simply put, if you are a parent you are already working hard. The difference between a pro and an amateur in any sport is not the amount of work, it’s refining the technique. This is also true in parenting.

The objective of these daily email snippets is to provide you with a very short but useful ideas that when applied, will make significant improvements with your children.

What’s even better, they are FREE! 

I would suggest you print those emails that hit home or you want to think about. 

Each week has a theme, these are the 3 themes:

  1. Key Life Lessons
  2. What is Parenting
  3. Love


Rabbi Stephen Baars



Sample Article

Week 1 Theme:

Key Life Lessons

Day 6 Point:


Never lose an opportunity to say sorry in front of your children or spouse.

When you fail to admit your own mistakes you have lost a vital opportunity to show your children how to do it.

Never lose an opportunity to admit a mistake and never lose an opportunity to apologize.

Failure to do this will impede your children in their own relationships and in their life goals.

Action Point:

At your next family meeting, discuss a great lesson you learned from a mistake you made.



ACTUAL responses:

"I have really enjoyed 3 weeks to perfect parenting.  …They’ve really helped me get more in tune with my kids."

"Those emails were GREAT!!!" 

"There were some that really said alot to me and I am so glad I signed up! :)" 



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