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The feeling of being wrong is so debilitating that people spend inordinate efforts looking right.

This behavior has a huge personal and business costs.

If the main focus of your employees is to not get fired, then they aren’t looking for the great opportunities that often pass them by daily.

This goes beyond a suggestion box in the cafeteria. The fear of looking wrong causes people to back away from the right path just because it will be perceived as wrong.

People don’t point out mistakes when the crowd thinks it’s right.

You can’t build a company that is meant to provide exceptionalism in a culture that punishes mistakes. 



Nothing is more debilitating than the feeling you are going nowhere (fast). But this is more than just showing your employees the path to a gold watch after 30 years of faithful service. The “Dead-End” syndrome is a virus that takes over the whole system.

If a person feels a dead-end in any one area, home or work, then apathy will take over everywhere.

The truth is, this syndrome is more likely to afflict your high-performers than anyone else. Their ability to be singularly focused at work can often lead them to ignore key issues at home that bring them to a dead-end.

Once people understand that there is no such thing as a dead-end, they not only learn how to think through their problems, but gain a tool for everything they encounter.



Disappointment creates at least three problems.

A) Disappointment is more debilitating than unhappiness.

B) They think they are suffering from unhappiness and treat it that way, when really they are disappointed and need to deal with it differently.

C) They avoid setting their goals high enough so they won’t be disappointed again. So what you end up with is under achieving employees.



Just about every business book instructs us to think outside the box, as though it were as simple as taking a vitamin. Unfortunately, I have rarely seen techniques for helping people achieve this.

One of the big keys to achieving creative thinking is to abandon character assassination. If your office culture is dog-eat-dog then you are inadvertently creating an anti-creative environment.

Business-Bliss” shows people, that even if it would help you get the promotion, in the long run it kills your career.

You are paid to solve problems and your mind can either be creative or destructive. One or the other.

Being destructive may help in an immediate situation, but in the long run construction companies make more money than demolition ones do.

Everyone talks about thinking outside the box and thinking creatively, this segment shows your employees how to do it. 



I know what I am going to say is going to sound like an impossible goal, but imagine if your employees believed that nothing ruins their day.

Nothing and nobody.

What would that mean?

It would mean that they are responsible for what happens around them.

It seems that no matter who the CEO I speak to, every office seems to have at least one key person that blames others for the misery they themselves create.
The truth is, the dynamic of the work-force creates such behavior. If you change the dynamic you will change the attitudes of everyone involved.


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