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June 8, 2007 | admin

BLISS uses a powerful, modern, multi-media presentation to demonstrate how key skills can be used to sustain healthy, respectful, loving relationships.  

BLISS doesn’t require people to learn anything new, rather, we show couples how to use the tools they already know to improve communication and produce a more successful, satisfying, nurturing marriage or relationship.

The BLISS program is comprised of eight sessions, including this sample:

  • In our Marriage and Parenting session couples are presented with an introduction to expectations which demonstrates how to get beyond the “happily-ever-after” fantasies and build on skills they already have to become better partners and parents and create blissful realities.
  • The “What If I Married the Wrong Person?” session allows couples to delve more deeply into expectations and dispel the myth that there is something intrinsically wrong with their choice of partner. Couples also explore ways to better understand their role as a spouse and parent.
  • BLISS’ Enjoying Your Role session provides an opportunity for couples to fine-tune techniques for listening, talking and examining issues differently, in order to get past those issues and find the bliss in their relationship.
  • Finally, in the Sex and Intimacy session couples learn how to value their partners’ needs in ways that promote deeper intimacy and healthy love-making.

Check out the next available session, clck here. 

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