All you need is a pill….

December 13, 2009 | admin



The blue pill turns your husband into the man of your dreams, no socks on the floor, he loves talking about feelings – yours and his, he eagerly looks forward to shoe shopping on a Sunday — even clips coupons. On top of that, he learns how to dance.

The red pill changes you so that you love who he is. Those socks on the floor become ever so cute, you love reminding him to take out the garbage and it’s so much fun telling him 25 times to change the light bulb. Who has time for shoes? And this Sunday, let’s watch an old Clint Eastwood movie – I’ll get the beer.

The only choice you don’t have is to not choose anything. What’s it going to be?

Click on your choice below:


blue pill.jpg     red pill.jpg


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