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I’m Rabbi Baars. Our Perfect Parenting workshop is the result of over 30 years of research and hands-on work. Today’s world is not the same as when we grew up, and neither is parenting. Therefore, you need a different playbook to the one your parents used. 

Our guarantee is not a gimick, you will actually learn many more techneques than just 10, in fact, it has so many phenomenal concepts many people take the program more than once.

Sign up now, because each LIVE session is limited to 25 people. 



PRESENTER: Rabbi Stephen Baars register 2.jpg
LOCATION: Your Telephone 
DATES: 5 Tuesdays starting Feb. 5th 2013 
(recordings available for any missed session)
THEN: Feb. 12, 19, 26 & Mar. 5
TIME: 8:00pm (EST) for approx. 1 hour 
PRICE: $175 (per family) for all 5 sessions
QUESTIONS: Ask the Rabbi:


A global economy means your child is competing with every other kid in the world! The pressures are immense. How do we keep them motivated and at the same time healthy in body and mind?

It’s fairly easy to tell our kids to not try drugs but their friends have a different message. And that is just one of a handful of issues parents and children face today. In this amazingly all-encompassing program you will learn the principles and practical applications to great parenting.

"5 Powerful Sessions That Give Parents The Weapons to Fight Back."

Larry Genkin, CEO at GSG WorldMedia 

Outline of the Workshops:  

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Every parent I talk to agrees that self-confidence is a must for children in today’s world. However, despite a parents best efforts many children lack such an important virtue. 

"The whole program is worth it, just for this session

– it’s a must for every parent today!"






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We all understand how important it is to talk to our kids about drugs. The problem is, what do we say?

We need a lot more than "Just say no." Simply put, you are not the only one talking to them about drugs, and unfortunately those people are cooler than both of us.
The truth is, drugs are just one of many issues our children face in the category of "escape" and by dealing with the general category, you are going to find it a lot easier to deal with this specific issue. 

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As strange as it may sound, it’s harder to raise children in affluence than poverty.
There is a big difference between teaching your children values and instilling the value of money – just because you have taught them to respect people, does in no way imply they are going to value hard work.
If you don’t want them to be one of your dependents for the rest of your life, you need to learn the concepts in this session.


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Just like the human body needs an assortment of nutrients to function. So too the human soul or spirit.

common front parenting.jpg
Invariably spouses find themselves arguing technique with each other almost as much as they argue with their children.

Of course it’s easy to find the places you disagree, but the truth is there are far more areas you are actually in agreement. This session focuses on the dynamics of a common front, understanding compromise, plus other vital skills to turn your parenting into a team sport.

With great techniques, parenting can be a whole lot simpler. This segment covers key principles in managing your children.


Get to ask your questions

Don’t worry if you can’t make one of the sessions, they will be recorded and available for one week.
The seminar comes with 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied. 

What are the magic potions and soothing words that will give our children the strength to conquer their own battles and go on to live exciting and fulfilling lives? 
In "Perfect Parenting" we show you a side of parenting most parents never thought of before. Apart from offering solutions and techniques we emphasize peace of mind and understanding the parent’s role and process. 
A Parent is faced with an inordinate amount of choices and decisions. How many times do we look back and wish we could do it all again. 
How do we do the best for our children?  You might have a thermometer that tells your child’s temperature, but you don’t have a similar meter to tell if they are happy and well adjusted. 
Very few parents think they are letting their children down, so how do we know if we are, or not?

The basic theme of the program is how to raise happy and self-confident children.  
After years of research delving into the Jewish concepts of parenting, you now have the opportunity to experience parenting in a way that makes dramatic sense.

"Perfect Parenting" will show you how simple and easy techniques make all the difference in the world.

"Parenting Teenagers" teaches parents the key skills to sustain healthy, respectful, loving relationships; improve communication and create a more satisfying, nurturing family.
I have yet to meet the parent who wants their child to fail.
Everyone raises their children in the hopes of success. So how do we know we have it right above the vast majority of wishful thinking parents?
In marriage, business, sports, in fact just about everything we do, we start with the hope and maybe expectation of winning. However, in all these endeavors it becomes clear, usually sooner than later, who knows what they are really doing. In parenting, by the time you find out, it’s well into overtime.

Knowing what you want for your children doesn’t guarantee they will get there, anymore than knowing how much money you would like, or what kind of house you would like to live in.
"Perfect Parenting" will show you what it takes in simple and applicable steps. 
These workshops cover the issues parents are concerned with today. The course is practical, insightful, and with the tele-course, incredibly convenient. Immediately after the first course you will start to realize how helpful and practical these ideas are.
The course has a money-back guarantee – if you don’t hear ideas that help you improve your parenting, it’s real simple to get your money back.
The consistent line every parent says when they encountered major problems with their children: "I didn’t see it coming." Don’t be one of them. Sign up now.


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