Are you on the Titanic?

August 23, 2012 | admin

This is the rule: higher degrees of complexity are joined with an equal opportunity to fail.

How is this relevant to our lives? Simple, relatively little can go wrong if you are single. Marriage, that’s another level of complexity. Married with kids, now you are talking Titanic.

The Titanic found the iceberg, but if the iceberg didn’t get it, something else would have.

Now here’s the interesting part, you don’t know what the danger is – nor how imminent it is.

You may think you are well prepared but you don’t realize an iceberg is waiting for you.

What I am leading to is this, if you aren’t working on your marriage, if you are just floating by, taking each day as it comes then you are like the countless calamity expectant spouses, who famously say, “I didn’t see it coming.”

If this is you, then there is something you need to know, • • • — — — • • •

That’s Morse code for: SOS


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