Are you suffering from Mh-idmC?

December 16, 2009 | admin
Where does he do these mysterious acts? When you are not looking.
At work. Do you get the point of the dog story now?
He thinks about his clients and never reacts to them when they mess up. He apologizes quickly and sincerely and is especially considerate of the feelings of his boss.
In other words, you think your husband can’t change. You think he’s like a normal dog, but he isn’t, he’s like the dog in the joke, he is capable of doing what you want. At work, when you aren’t around!
Why doesn’t he do it at home?
In other words, he can do it and he does do it – for his clients. He can do it, and does do it for his boss. The only person who doesn’t know how to get him to do it, is you!
You are the only one he doesn’t “perform” for (I told you it was deep). That’s because you haven’t learned how to get him to perform.
Don’t blame him for something you don’t know how to do. “So what should I do?”
Simple, go learn how to do it.

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