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July 4, 2010 | admin

Why choose Bliss?

It’s Interesting

There are a lot of marriage seminars out there, and they’re all different. Some are boring. Some are extremely boring. Some you can’t tell because you fell asleep too quickly. But Bliss is one seminar that won’t put you to sleep. Given by an expert in marriage counseling who also knows how to keep an audience engaged and alert, Bliss promises to get you smiling ‘ even laughing ‘ as you learn.

It Helps your Parenting

One of the first things you will be amazed to learn is that the program is fun. Yes, fun. Bliss uses humor to help communicate deep, important points without finger-pointing. With laughter, barriers are lowered and participants feel more comfortable. But Bliss is not only fun, it can help you with your parenting, too. Essentially, the skills you will learn to make your marriage great are the same for any relationship.

It’s Inexpensive

Marriage counseling isn’t cheap. And it’s also very time consuming. Bliss is priced right because we are not a business. Generous donors believe in the concept and therefore we can offer the program at an amazing price. Not only that but it’s totally refundable.

You Can Come as Many Times as You Like

Bliss is there to help you. Not us, you! To that end, we’ll let you do something most seminars would never allow. We’ll let you come twice. Or three times. And many people do just that. If you like, you can even come four times. ‘Yes, you can re-take the course at any time for free. That’s because our only goal in this seminar is to see you happily married.

It’s Not Going to Put the Blame on You

No one likes being at fault. Your marriage is not going to improve by making either of you feel bad. At Bliss we never blame. It’s all about developing new ideas of how to improve your marriage and communication.

Quick Results

You will walk away from the very first class with steps to improve your relationship. Many marriage programs focus on why you are unhappy and spend hours wallowing in the anger and frustration you feel, hoping to understand it better and overcome it. But you already know how to live in an unhappy state. No need to practice that! Bliss teaches how to begin doing positive things right now so you can leave the frustrations behind.

The Theory

The theory behind Bliss is very simple. We have taken all the issues that creates conflict, organized them with their solutions (the same ones the therapists have) in a clear and objective manner.

The advantage of this is that neither spouse is confronted or made to feel bad, you don’t have to drag up the past or point fingers. You just get to see a path out of your predicament in a non-judgmental atmosphere ‘ with other couples and without anyone revealing anything!

Says one satisfied participant, ‘It’s amazing and it really works!’

Countless couples have come out of the program with a new excitement and enthusiasm for their relationship.

With more than seven years and thousands of participants, the BLISS Relationship Seminar is by far the most popular marriage program in the region. It’s the most straightforward way to a winning relationship.


So What Does the Course Cover?

Session 1: Expectations

There is only one word you need to know that can turn around any relationship–no matter what state it’s in. Expectations will destroy or enable a relationship. When you understand you and your spouse’s expectations you will discover an amazing tool for countering frustration.

Session 2: 50% Divorce Rates Do Not Mean the Other 50% are in Bliss

Being happily married is not rocket science. In fact, you already know everything you need to be happy. The Bliss Seminar will show you how to use techniques you are familiar with to get the results you want.

Session 3: What if You Married the Wrong Person?

That’s a good question. And at Bliss we really take it apart. Because whereas most people think about it, they don’t really get a chance to talk about it, openly. This session goes into the whole job definition of a spouse so you can really get an idea, and once you understand what the job is, you will be amazed at how many problems evaporate.

Session 4: The Seven Misnomers of Marriage

They say love is blind, and that you can’t define love. They haven’t been to Bliss. Bring along all your thoughts, objections, and interjections as we examine love, how it works, and how to use that knowledge to help your marriage.

Session 5: The Seven Rules of an Argument

These simple concepts are going to change and smooth the way you communicate with your spouse. These same techniques can also be used with your child and even at work!

Session 6: The One Thing You Need to Enjoy Marriage and Parenting

Once you understand how love works, making it work is easy – you just won’t believe it till you hear it! 

Session 7: The Meaning of Intimacy

This highly charged session has it all. Everything you ever wanted to know! 


Where is it?

Location: Th e Bliss Seminar at the JCC of Greater Washington in Rockville 6125 Montrose Road, MD 20852

AND: Aish NY, 313 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024  

Also, when you register you will receive our 40 page workbook with our exclusive personality test.

Plus, take the course as many times as you need – no extra cost.

No wonder people say it’s the best marriage course!


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Looking forward to seeing you at Bliss!

You are going to love how easy and meaningful The BLISS Seminar is at improving your relationships.

Each session is practical, fun and amazingly life-changing.

It’s just packed with useful ideas anyone will find helpful for both marriage and parenting.

See you at BLISS, for bliss!


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