Boot Camp for Men

January 13, 2009 | admin

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I don’t mean just at home, I mean at the office. And I don’t mean when she calls or expects you to do one of those "Quick little errands." I mean how much does the aggravation suck the life out of you?
Do you remember showing up at work excited, uplifted, motivated? Isn’t it worth one hour a week to see if you can get it back?
"Boot Camp" is like a computer re-boot on your marriage. It’s a tele-course seminar that shows you everything women never explain, but you absolutely need to know.
For example (just a small sampling of the ideas you will learn):
  • You really can’t make your wife happy – despite what she tells you!
  • The 5 characteristics of a healthy dynamic relationship.
  • How to gain control of the argument.
You have so much to gain; it’s such a great investment of your time.
Believe it or not, but your wife will thank you for taking this course! 

"They teach in interesting and informative ways, and they really care."


"Boot Camp for Men" is packed full of phenomenal ideas that will get you and your wife on the same page. The course is practical, insightful, and with the tele-course, incredibly convenient.
The course has a money-back guarantee – if you don’t hear ideas that improve your relationship, we will refund all your money, even after you complete the course – you can’t lose.

"Stephen and Ruth draw from a well of deep spiritual wisdom."

Marc Inzelstein
Co-founder, Indiggo Associates 



Here’s How it Works:

1) Register for the tele-course below

2) We will send you a toll-free number and simple access code

3) Call in on the day/time of the course and you will be learning live – listen, ask your questions, learn.

4) If you can’t make the call on any particular day, that’s okay because it will be recorded, and you can listen anytime that’s convenient for you.

5) The recording will be available for one week, so listen to the course again to review the ideas.

6) Have a specific topic you want covered? Email us and we will try and fit it in.


At any point, if you are not completely satisfied, or the program doesn’t live up to expectations, just let us know and get a total refund for the whole course – no questions asked! 



Rabbi Stephen Baars 

Starts Tuesday, July 13, 2010
9:30 pm (EST)
And continues for 8 Thursday’s.
no problem –
listen to the recording
(available for one week after the session date). 


$175 per person


It wasn’t long ago, that the common wisdom said some people were just lucky at business, similarly, some people were just healthy, and some people could just paint.
We’ve come a long way, business schools, medical research and even a few art classes have shown that it’s just a matter of education stopping anyone from any goal.
However, it’s not uncommon for men to think that some just lucked out, and some, well…. didn’t!
It’s just not true. Happy and exciting marriages are not a chance occurrence. These spouses know the secrets and techniques to turn their marriage into the kind dreams are made of.
Those skills can not only be learned, but they aren’t that difficult. We guarantee it at "Boot Camp for Men."

Everyone has relationship skills that work great with certain types of people. It’s sort of like knowing enough to get in the game, but to be a pro, you need another level of training.
The same is true in marriage, you know enough to get the ring on her finger, now you need to upgrade your skills to make it to the finals.


If you have been married for longer than about 25 minutes, then you have just realized that Snow White is fiction. Forget about "living happily ever after," I just want to live!
Think of it like the army, you have to go through boot camp just to learn simple practices that can save your life on the battle field. Similarly, men need to learn simple but highly effective practices that make it all work.
The best armies in the world learn from the battles and defeats of history, so too in marriage. When you are ready to hear what 3,500 years of Jewish marriages has to say, rather than keep the ongoing frustration of trying to figure it out as you go along, then you are really ready for "Boot Camp for Men." 
I know what you are thinking, "It’s going to involve a ton of groveling, a lot of redecorating and probably a few weekends with her mother." And you would be absolutely wrong.
If you went into battle without the proper training, you would probably be very nervous and in a constant state of panic. The soldier who knows what he is doing is working a lot less hard than the one who doesn’t.
Life is just too short to not enjoy your marriage, give Boot Camp a try — I am so convinced you will love the program, if you are even the slightest bit disappointed in the results, you will get a full refund. 


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