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August 26, 2014 | admin

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“Boot-Camp really helped to save my relationship with my husband.  After seeking 3 therapists and no one helping, my marriage was really crumbling to pieces.  I felt determined to make it work if for no other reason, for the children.

Boot-Camp has brought real joy into our marriage.  I know what I wrote may sound canned or corny, but it is all true.”   A



The 4 Sessions: 


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Starts Thursday, August 12, 2010
8:00 pm till 9:00 pm (EST) 
And continues for 3 more Thursday’s. 
no problem –
listen to the recording
(available for one week after the session date). 


$175 per person

Rabbi Stephen Baars
Rebbetzin Ruth Baars  



Here’s How it Works:

1) Register for the tele-course below

2) We will send you a toll-free number and simple access code

3) Call in on the day/time of the course and you will be learning live – listen, ask your questions, learn.

4) Ifyou can’t make the call on any particular day, that’s okay because itwill be recorded, and you can listen anytime that’s convenient for you.

5) The recording will be available for one week, so listen to the course again to review the ideas.

6) Have a specific topic you want covered? Email us and we will try and fit it in.


At any point, if you are not completely satisfied, or theprogramdoesn’t live up to expectations, just let us know and get atotalrefund for the whole course – no questions asked!

“They teach in interesting and informative ways, and they really care. Stephen and Ruth draw from a well of deep spiritual wisdom.”

Marc Inzelstein, Co-founder, Indiggo Associates


“Boot Camp for Women” is packed full of phenomenal ideas in getting your husband” with the program.” It’s everything they never tell you, but you just need to know. The course is practical, insightful, and with the tele-course, incredibly convenient.

“Boot Camp” is like a computer re-boot on your marriage. We will show you how to get the love you want, therelationship you want, the caring and warmth you deserve.
The course has a money-back guarantee – if you don’t hear ideasthat improve your relationship, we will refund all your money, evenafter you complete the course – you can’t lose.


boot camp for women button.jpgWhat Women Like Most about the “Boot Camp” tele-course:

Convenience. We’re busy.

It’s the common dilemma: “If I could take off to learn about marriage, I wouldn’t have as many issues as I do.” 


If you can’t make the class, listen in anytime you want, as often as you want for a week.


Listen from your home, office or even car, or whenever and wherever you want.



The program really gets to the nitty-gritty of what you need to succeed. This is not pie-in-the sky, it’s real life examples and practical advice that you are going to find easy to implement. Click on “Boot Camp” for one of the program’s key ideas: Nobody is Perfect. 



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It wasn’t long ago, that the common wisdom said some people were just lucky at business, similarly, some people were just healthy, and some people could just paint.
We’ve come a long way, business schools, medical research and even a few art classes have shown that it’s just a matter of education stopping anyone from any goal.
However, it’s not uncommon for women to think that some just lucked out, and some, well…. didn’t!
It’s just not true. Joyous and fulfilled wives are not born that way. They know the secrets and techniques to turn their husbands into the kind of men any wife would dream of.
Those skills can not only be learned, but they aren’t that difficult. We guarantee that after “Boot Camp for Women” your husband will be completely house trained.
One woman just wrote us about what it felt like to learn these techniques, “After being married for 33 years” — it’s an incredible feeling.
Everyone has relationship skills that work great with certain types of people. It’s sort of like knowing enough to get in the game, but to be a pro,you need another level of training.
The same is true in marriage, you know enough to get the guy, now you need to upgrade your skills to make it to the finals.

For some of the skills you will learn at “Boot Camp” click on “the Book of Men” for “How to talk so he will ALWAYS listen.


Are you suffering from Mh-idmC?

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Early symptoms of Mh-idmC (My husband is driving me CRAZY):

  • The number 400 often comes up in your conversations, as in: “I have asked you 400 times to fix the light bulb!” 
  • You start predicting the future, as in: “You will never change.” 
  • You lose all sense of humor so you keep asking your husband, “Are you kidding me?”

Let me tell you a joke that is not at all funny (click on the VACCINE for more).




It’s a funny thing when you think about it, most men and women will tell you that the difference between most men and women is negligible – but then again, most men and women are not married.

Ask that same question 15 minutes or less after saying “I do” and you are more likely to be told their new spouse is an intergalactic visitor.

So why would we think, that the way we talk to our friends would be at all effective in talking to our spouses? Different species have different needs in diet, exercise and even in the way they communicate,and a spouse isn’t just a different species, they are a different life form (only single people think I am joking).

Think about married life as starting a new job in a zoo — you would need some real animal training before going into the gorilla or tiger cage. Your husband is sort of like that, the only difference is he eats a little less (or maybe not).

“Boot Camp for Women” is real job training giving you highly effective strategies that will turn any husband into your dream man. 



3 Types of Wives

three words.jpg Wives come in three basic models:

#1 Mrs. Donna Frustrated:

Donna desperately wants her husband to grow up. Unfortunately, she has a very strong intuition that along with free lunches, there is no such thing.

Her solution is to go shopping.

#2 Mrs. Michelle V. Frustrated:

“V” stands for Very. Like Donna, Michelle desperately wants her husband to grow up, too. Unfortunately, all her friends tell her the last real man was a free lunch for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Michelle added to the Donna model of life to create something that’s more her style. Her solution is to go shopping and nag her husband to death.

#3 Mrs. Alison Happy:

Alison used to be Mrs. V. Frustrated, but then she took the seminar “Boot Camp for Women” and realized how her husband thinks (or doesn’t).

After applying what she learned in the seminar, her husband began exhibiting behavior that you only see in movies. Frank (Mr. Happy) now asks her opinion before making decisions, he’s attentive and he’s even mastered simple bathroom etiquette – eat that Jurassic Park!

These and a host of other little things have spurred on Donna and Michelle to boost the economy; they now shop more.

To be fair, some people do believe there is a 4th type of wife: Mrs. Linda Acceptance. Linda accepts her fate in life. “This is what men are,” she tells herself and happily accepts her lot in life with all human beings married to a lower life form (men). In fact, Linda is very happy and often sings as she skips down the path of marital misery.

Of course, we all know Linda doesn’t exist except in the mind of Mr. Alan F. Frustrated. “F” stands for Fool. Alan divorces Donna because he thinks it’s all her fault and why can’t she be like Linda. He then marries Michelle and we all know what happens next.

Men are like puzzles, and I don’t mean Rubik’s Cube or even the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I mean Sesame Street puzzles, but easier. It’s just that even the easiest puzzle cannot be solved with the wrong clues or instructions.

Our “Boot Camp for Women” gives you the right clues and instructions. It’s built around 4 highly effective concepts and strategies that will turn any husband into the man of your dreams.

For an overview of one of the key strategies, “Iceberg Love” click on one of the wives in the picture. 


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Monica Abdul Saleem – Boot Camp for Women in January   | 96.241.12.Xxx | 02-10-2010 10:49 pm
Thank you Rabbi & Ruth for the sessions. I’m using some of the techniques you two taught us ladies.
Stephanie Frumkin – Boot Camp for Women – January   | 173.79.57.Xxx | 02-11-2010 12:22 am
The sessions helped change my perspective about my husband and our relationship–definitely for the better! I learned some techniques that have been helpful in improving my marriage. “Boot Camp” was interactive so I was able to have my personal questions answered. 

Thank you for a wonderful class–I recommend it to any woman who wants to improve her relationship with her partner.

Efrat   | 71.178.139.Xxx | 02-11-2010 3:58 pm
This workshop started a new pattern of communication between my husband and me. a great time saver and so much more peace of mind for all family members. 
I highly recommend it! 
Thank you, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Baars.




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