Running Blind

January 7, 2009 | admin
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If only”” really means “”only if””

December 16, 2008 | admin
  Picture this scene: You buy two lottery tickets, one for yourself and one for a friend.  You hand your friend his and you keep the other.  The next day you find out he won the jackpot. "If only I had given him the other ticket!" The truth is, it's not just these dramatic moments when we use "if only."   It's all the time.   People who are "If only" people cannot be happy.
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Everything makes someone happy, therefore……

November 11, 2008 | admin baked-beans-on-toast.jpg
  Anything can make you happy. I grew up in England and when I was a kid my favorite food was baked beans on toast. At one point Britain had the largest empire in World history, so, at any one time, somewhere an Englishman had heartburn.  Food habits are odd. In England, dried blood is a delicacy. They call it black bread. Cow brains are called sweetbread. Some people eat termites, others frogs. There are some places where people eat monkey brains. One thing it tells you is that we humans are capable of enjoying anything.   How do they do that?....  
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Nobody is happy……

October 25, 2008 | admin
 enough.A visiting student was clearly unhappy.  Her multi-million dollar business was on the brink of collapse.  I asked her, "When you came to this country, you had $100 in your pocket and couldn't speak English.  Which is worse, then or now?"It's not that she can't live with her situation.  She has, in fact, lived with a lot worse.  She is not unhappy.  Her life is infinitely better now than it ever was prior to her arrival in America.  So what is going on?  Why is this so much more difficult than anything previous? 
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Tired of Being Tired

September 14, 2008 | admin
 A woman who identified herself as "Tired" recently wrote in my blog: I must say that my husband is a BIG wimp! .... he has NEVER defended me in any way. I defend myself and the kids.  (If you want to read the rest of her comments and my response, Click Here and scroll down.)Some people are tired, but everyone is Tired Of Being Tired (TOBT).  Before you go on, take out a piece of paper and write down your list of things you are TOBT about.Done?Being tired is a physical experience. TOBT is not.Your list represents everything that you care about and are equally frustrated. You would love to give it up, but can't.  TOBT is the limit of your humanity. Everything you know, and everything you can do, is on the line, pushed to the limits, and yet it doesn't help. It's the place where you stop and where you want God to take over.But He doesn't.  Why? 
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July 22, 2008 | admin the cure for difficult people.jpg
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Working Together

June 23, 2008 | admin
And why don't people do it? Apple Google Intel Microsoft Yahoo What do all the above have in common? There are a lot of answers, but one I bet you didn't mention is they are all American.  The question is why?  Not why wasn't it your answer, but what is so difficult that stops the rest of the world from creating an Apple or Google, it's not like they don't have garages in Denmark.  (For those who don't know computer lore, Apple started in a garage.)  The greatest new technology companies are American, why? The New World Order There are three ingredients for success in the 21st century.  In the 20th century you only needed two:
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Why people give up

June 19, 2008 | admin
Insights for Living, from Rav Noah Weinberg "Every effort has an effect.  If we persist, even seemingly insignificant efforts will cumulatively combine to create breakthroughs." My Take: This is one of Rav Noah's great insights in life, understanding that the right small effort, done consistently, will have far more impressive results than seemingly great strides. Not only have I have seen this idea come true many times, but it also goes a long way to explain why people give up. 
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Why Can’t I Get Happy?

June 4, 2007 | admin kate rutherford.jpg
Take your average monkey and give him a truck load of bananas. That monkey is going to stay with those bananas till they are all gone. It’s not going to look for better bananas. It’s not going to miss the challenge of finding hard to reach bananas. No, it’s happy and it’s fine.     […]
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