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April 9, 2007 | admin
  1)   MISTAKES   The feeling of being wrong is so debilitating that people spend inordinate efforts looking right. This behavior has a huge personal and business costs. If the main focus of your employees is to not get fired, then they aren’t looking for the great opportunities that often pass them by daily. This […]
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Thank You for Registering

August 23, 2006 | admin
You’re going to love the Bliss Marriage Seminar! You have made an important step in your relationship – well done! Please Download the Bliss Workbook and bring it to the Seminar – CLICK ON THE BOOK.  You are going to love how easy and meaningful The BLISS Seminar is at improving your relationships. Each session […]
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Something to think about on the New Year

September 11, 2003 | admin
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