Better than marriage counseling!

Marriage Problems? Bliss rocks. A fun and clever approach to relationships and parenting. Albert C. After 2 kids, 6 businesses and 23 years of marriage I was resigned to thinking that life was just a repetitive exercise in dealing with problems after problem. Then I met Rabbi Baars and have been forever changed by his life altering Bliss methodology. I now see the world from an entirely different perspective. I guess I have truly been 'Blissed!' THANK YOU RABBI BAARS!! Larry Genkin CEO of GSG WorldMedia The Bliss Seminar is an eye opener. It helps you think about life, marriage and healthy parenting in a different way. The seminar offered me a new path to consider great things in life. Thank you Rabbi for your out-of-the-box creativity. Ellie This makes so much sense that I keep asking myself, so why didn't they teach us this from the start?!? If you're new to coupleness or about to be, thinking about jumping ship, struggling with the spouse and kids or just in a rut looking to spice it up, get bliss and find out why this is as good as it gets!!! Shelly B The Bliss Seminar is brilliant in helping couples understand not only how you can get more wonde out of your marriage, but also on understanding how to deal with your children.  I took the seminar with my husband several years ago and still find the techniques helpful, especially with the ever changing dynamics of our family. Take the Bliss Seminar. You will be so happy you did! Gail Isaacson You’ve got a few choices: 1)Do nothing A lot of people do this, and that's why there's a 50-percent divorce rate. 2) Take marriage counseling This is very difficult. Not only do we have to find a good marriage counselor, but it can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, occupy countless hours of our time hashing out old issues and, at the end, we might not be any better off. In light of this, it's really no surprise then that studies have shown that marriage counseling is only slightly better than doing nothing. That's why there's a 50-percent divorce rate. 3)The Bliss Relationship Seminar Bliss is not just another relationship seminar. It's so good that it's guaranteed to solve your problems. Bliss will provide you with a new set of tools, tips, tricks and even perspectives to take your marriage off the path to disaster and place it firmly on the path to true happiness. Most (other) seminars don't get real results. The speaker gets up, talks for too long, then sends you on your way with little more than what you came in with. Others might inspire you for a while, but the inspiration soon wears off and you are back to square one. Bliss is different. In fact, it's so good it was funded by the Federal Government to help reduce the divorce rate in Washington, DC. Bliss gets you the results you're looking for. And if it doesn't, you can have your money back. No questions asked. Period. There's a new marriage book every day. There are a million sayings about what we need to do to have a good marriage. You'll get advice from your co-workers, friends and even your nosy neighbors. And if that's not enough, Google will give you thousands of suggestions.

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