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November 9, 2012 | admin

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Think like a WinnerA great attitude is key to everything in life. Almost nothing is more obvious than this. And if it were as easy as flipping a switch I doubt anyone would hesitate.

Our success in life is directly correlated to our attitude. This is easy to see in everyone around us but not so easy with ourselves even though it’s the
single biggest factor holding us back from a great life.

CORE9 will be one of the most meaningful and important
eventsof your life.

CORE9 is going to show you the techniques anyone can use
to create a winning attitude.

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Date & Location:



Every Mon 8:00pm: New York:
Lincoln Square Synagogue
180 Amsterdam Ave., NY  10023


Every Tues 8:00pm: Washington DC:
11418 Old Georgetown Road
N.Bethesda, MD 20852 


$147 for all 9 sessions (First session free)

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Core 1:The Meaning of Life.

If you truly thought that tomorrow was going to be the best day of your entire life, then it would matter very little what you are going through today.

The truth of the matter is, creating a great tomorrow is what human beings are great at. It’s remarkably easire than you might think.

Core 2: The Easy Life.

If life seems to you to be one long trial and tribulation, it’s because you aren’t doing it right.

Core 3: Heroes.

The truth is, living as a hero is easier than you might think and amazingly liberating,

Core 4: Nothing ruins your day. NOTHING.

If you think that for life to work you have to get to a point where nothing ruins yourday, then you will never get there.

Core 5: Inevitable Absolute Success.

The single most important concept to be able to think like a winner is the elimination of blame from your life.

Core 6: Perfect Living.

Imagine a life free of complaints…

Core 7: The big “D”

You are never going find success in life if you don’t know how to harness depression.

Core 8:Problems are never the problem.

It’s a real shame they don’t teach this in high school because it would save us all a boat-laod of heartache: the rules of problem solving.


Inspired people do amazing things. We have all had those moments, but how to turn it on?


1) What if I can’t make a session?

Core9 runs every week, so just come back to hear the session you missed. Once you register you can take it as often as you would like. In fact, to really benefit take the program at least three times.

2) Do I have to come at the beginning?

No. Each session is independent and can be taken in any order.

3) When does the program run?

Every Monday & Tuesday 8:00pm

If we have to cancel it will be posted here.

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