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June 5, 2007 | admin


Failing relationships cost companies money.  One notable research project estimates that $6 billion is lost annually by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties (Forthofer, Markman, Cox, Stanley & Kessler, 1996). 

The overwhelming evidence shows that employees in a stressful relationship do not make balanced decisions in the office.  It’s not just families who suffer, it’s everyone in the office as well.

BLISS Corporate Seminars

What the BLISS seminar has done, is taken the core concepts of relationship wellness and broken it down into their key component parts.  What business people find when they take the seminar, is not a marriage or parenting program per se, but a wholly inter-relationship seminar.  And although ostensibly the initial relationships the seminar focuses on are the people in the office, the skills being taught are easily and often applied at home.

If your company is struggling with the typical office politics and dysfunctional dynamics of petty squabbles and rivalries, then BLISS is the solution to achieve harmony and unity.  You will be amazed how much your employees will learn and change in this fun, multi-media presentation. 

Customized versions of BLISS are offered in the form of lunch-and-learns, on-site workshops and special conferences held at off-site venues. The goal of BLISS is to help employees build and sustain flourishing relationships and provide a “work-life” balance that helps them maximize their effectiveness at home and at work.

Contact the corporate programs director for a free demonstration of the power of BLISS.

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