Do you suffer from P.B.M ?

December 21, 2011 | admin
  1. Do you ever ask your spouse this question: “What am I looking for in the garage again?”
  2. Do you ever look at a new baby stroller with a fancy cup holder and wish you had one that did that?
  3. Do you ask people to remind you to remember something?
  4. Do you find it incredible that your brain goes dead after you remember the first letter of someone’s name?
  5. Unless your age has a “0” in it, do you have to calculate how old you are (instead of just remembering)?
  6. Do you find you miss adult conversations? But when you get together with friends all you talk about is the kids?

PBM happens because the brain is essentially a very sophisticated muscle. If every day you were to lift weights, then your arms would be in great shape. But not necessarily your legs. Similarly, if every day you think “kids, kids, kids,” then that’s what your brain will be good at. And nothing else. The same happens when all you think about is business or golf.

It’s not just that you lose touch of everything else, it’s that you lose the ability to process new ideas and thoughts.

It may sound nice to not have a care in the world, but a care-free life has a huge price tag. I once heard a Rabbi point out a very interesting phenomenon that Alzheimer victims don’t forget how to eat.

What is front and center doesn’t disappear.

This is therefore a good moment to ask yourself — what do you want to be front and center for the rest of your life?

In sum, now is the time to make one of your greatest and important investments of your life — your mind. Because if you don’t invest wisely, then one day you are going to ask what you were looking for in the garage and they are going to say, “I know what letter it starts with.”

Click below for the 3 simple things you can do to keep your mind safe and nimble….


1                  It’s not enough to learn new things like a language or music, but what is key is to stay on top of the things you find difficult to grasp. Your comfy chair is as dangerous to your muscle tone as keeping a mind-comfort zone is to your brain.

In sum, make your mind tackle the tough stuff.

2                  Subscribe to at least one Jewish learning site. And make sure you learn something new that challenges your way of thinking.

3                  Every day send yourself an email of one new thing you learned that day. Every day you learn something new, and if you can’t think of what it is, then you aren’t thinking.

Then read that email in the morning.

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