Don’t Worry, be Happy!

April 13, 2009 | admin
The first is a relief from pressure.  
You may have heard the old joke about a man who bought a pair of shoes three sizes too small.
"Why?" asked the puzzled salesman.
"Because," the man replied, "I hate my job, I hate my wife. My kids hate me, my dog even hates me. The only pleasure I get out of life is taking my shoes off at night."
This may sound absurd, but think about most of the things most people view as valuable. Aren’t they all about relieving the pressure? Very few things we have today, that we view as necessities of a modern life, did we even imagine having as children.
How did we manage without them then? 
For the most part, because, even though we may have had stress, we had good helpings of the second category: happiness.
Isn’t it absurd to think, that by taking off our tight shoes we will feel a sense of balance, especially since we bought them to be tight in the first place?  Is that much different than the hectic lives we create for ourselves, that we seek relief from?
If you are feeling out of balance, then try a spoonful of joy instead of sugar. It makes life go down so well. 

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