Dream Big

December 16, 2009 | admin

Spend one evening in front of the television (not recommended) and the message is clear: children who brush with the right tooth paste (I’m not going to tell you which one I use) don’t worry, and they make it abundantly clear, the only reason the parents worry, is they don’t drive the right car.

What’s next? Dog food that reduces the national debt, eye glasses that bring world peace, and tea that stops the polar ice caps from melting?

In the never ending brand wars a line was crossed. Brand “X” coffee promised something that brand “Y” did not. That promise might be finding love, peace, wisdom, and the winning lottery numbers. And even though it’s just coffee, for some reason people seem to buy the product with the bigger lie.

And so do our children. You may instruct them that if they study hard and work diligently they will succeed in life, but so does Nike for just wearing their latest endorsed shoes. 

The more designer our lives have become, the more generic the children seem to be, with all the generic problems associated.

I have more than a sneaking suspicion that the less confidence children have, the more brand-name shoes they need to buy. And vice-versa. Not only don’t famous names on your clothing do anything for confidence, the sad truth is that it’s the antithesis.

If you want to give your children real confidence to follow their dreams, you have to show them how to dream big.

When children don’t know how to dream big, they end up following their desires. To them these desires will seem like dreams, but they end up being nightmares. 



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