Finally, some really good news

April 14, 2010 | admin
As such, most couples spend the rest of their marriage pretending it isn’t that bad, or for some reason it’s going to get better just by itself.
I have some bad news and some good news.
The bad news is, only wine and Scotch get better when you leave them alone. So, if you keep going the way you are going, your trajectory is significantly on the down side.
The good news is (I told you there would be some)… 

There never was, is, or will be a Prince Charming. 

Let me explain why that’s the good news.

You show up for work one day and they tell you that thanks to an amazing windfall, no one has to do any work, ever. You will keep getting paid as long as you sit at your desk and do nothing. It might sound fun for a few days, but pretty soon it’s going to get very boring.

We have a very deep need to feel we are making a difference. The most depressing thought is to feel we are not needed. Thus it would get incredibly boring to be married to someone who is perfect. 

Although it never happened, a perfect spouse would not only not need us, but we would feel useless and redundant. How do I know it never happened? 

Listen, did you ever hear of anyone winning the lottery?

“Yes, of course.”

Did you ever hear of anyone striking gold, or oil, or even a hole in one?


Did you ever hear of anyone who, five years into their marriage, declared they married Mr./Mrs. Perfect?


Why not? Because it never happened. If it happened you would have heard.

Therefore, believe it or not, your spouse is better than perfect!


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