Finding Your Rock

January 13, 2009 | admin

The Marriage & Parenting Family Retreat

February 13-15, 2009


For more info:  E-mail: OR CALL: 301 215 7123 ext 1

The Pearlstone Retreat & Conference Center (20 minutes from Baltimore)


The 6 Pillars of Parenting

There are 6 key principles that all parents should know so they can understand their children and help them prepare for life.  (RB)

The 10 Blessings of Life

The 10 commandments are mystically connected to our lives through the blessings that surround us all.  (YM)

Innate Health  

To be healthy on the inside is a real rock.  Simple tools and sparkling wisdom, make this class a life changer.  Women Only (RB)

Real Bliss

Everything that is meaningful can and should be improved.  That goes for parenting as well as marriage.  Simple ideas, painlessly implemented make life so much sweeter.  (SB)

No Word in English

Real spirituality is understanding that what you have is from G-d.   (SB)

It’s Not a Meal, It’s an Opportunity

It’s more than an old joke, how much of Judaism is built around eating.  Food is a way to connect to your children in a way very little else will.  (SB)

What is a ROCK

We all have them.  Some people keep them in their shoes!  (SB)

It Only Takes One To Tango 

Despite what you might have heard on Dr. Phil, your husband doesn’t need to hear this.  Women Only (RB)

What My Wife is Telling Your Wife

In marriage there is only win/win.  Men Only (SB)

I Never Thought of That!  

The Torah, as in life, is more fun when you read between the lines.  A look at Parshas Yisro and what it tells us about us.  (RB) 

Time to Transcend

There is something about a candle that connects us to our tradition.  The synergy of an ephemeral flame atop solid wax is a metaphor for life itself.  Women Only (RB)

Why Did I Get Married?

“I know I wanted to get married, I just don’t remember the reason.”  We will explain it to you.  (RB & SB)

(code: RB = Rebbetzin Ruth Baars.  SB = Rabbi Stephen Baars.  YM = Yisrael Mordechai Shwartz) 


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