Good & Bad Parents

January 21, 2009 | admin
Way to go!
Passing grade, you are solidly in the good side of parenting.
No, it’s no trick.  It’s really quite simple.  Our need to feel we are good parents is so strong that many will reject any thought that they are not.
Take your average 100 parents, and tell them they are not doing a good job (don’t try this at home) and you are likely to receive some very angry, maybe even violent reactions….  from the bad parents.
How will the good parents react?
"I know."
"Tell me how you think I can improve."
Parenting is tough.  But the reason it’s tough is we really don’t know if we are doing it right.  And therein lies the clue.  The bad parent doesn’t care.  He/she wants to think of themselves as good, but they really don’t care.
Caring whether you are doing it right or not, listening to when someone might have a better way, or can point out your mistakes is at the essense of healthy parenting.
Bad parents wouldn’t click the link.
Well done, keep clicking!

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