In case of EMERGENCY

June 1, 2010 | admin

Picture this, the medication you are on is only making things worse. You return to your general practitioner and her response is to increase the dosage!

Absurd. Absolutely.

Except for the fact that the common practice of many spouses is to do exactly that.

Spouses justify their behavior with this ubiquitous line:


Listen, does your husband ever yell at you? If he does then you are well aware how ineffective and counterproductive yelling is.

Let me give you a simple rule my wife often states: “If you have to say it, you will say it wrong.”

If you have to say it, meaning, you can’t write it down or wait for a better time, but you have to say it now because it’s burning a hole in your side, then you are 100% going to say it in a tone and decibel level that will never allow him to hear it.

What do you say to that?

“Well, he deserves it!”

Consider this. If you say it wrong, you are just as irresponsible as your spouse. If you say the same thing to him that didn’t get you anywhere last time, then repeating it, is just as irresponsibly as anything you are accusing him of!

Listen, not getting along with our spouse takes no special talent – millions of people are doing it all day long without even thinking. So how about trying something that might work instead?

I have no idea what you did in a past life to deserve living with someone who is driving you crazy, but instead of continuing to do those things that are NOT working, how about trying something that does work instead?

Listen, this is not the life you you had in mind when you said “I do.” I am sure you never imagined one person could get you so mad. The problem is, if you stay angry you are not going to have the marriage you dreamed of – not even close.

There is an old saying, the only people who listen when you are shouting at your spouse are the neighbors.

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