Interactive Seminar 2

March 29, 2021 | admin

Marriages get better with BLISS. Join us for a fun, live online seminar

Yes, you too can achieve Bliss!

Can’t get to a parenting seminar? Join us for a live online seminar featuring BLISS from the comfort of your own home or office.
BLISS is the dynamic new seminar that is helping people become great parents!
Marriage-and-Parenting authority Rabbi Stephen Baars offers a fun, interactive seminar that will show you how easy it really is to make your parenting, meaningful and enjoyable.  
With more than 25 years counseling experience, Rabbi Stephen Baars shares a unique perspective that will show you:
  • What children really need from their parents
  • The real job description of a parent
  • How you can enjoy the job of parenting
  • The difference between “technique parenting” and  “care-ful”  parenting

This informative and entertaining seminar will positively impact your parenting style. Don’t wait, Register now!


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