Is it time for world peace yet?

December 31, 2012 | admin
Here’s what to do: take 3 minutes and ask yourself this question: what things, if I don’t do by next year, will make me extremely disappointed?
Rank them by how disappointed you will be and post them everywhere you have a flat surface, a curved surface, and a bumpy surface – i.e. everywhere.
Why does this work?
Human beings hate, hate, hate being disappointed, as opposed to cats who can tolerate it.
We will change banks, cell phone companies, cars and even spouses because we are disappointed.
If not having world peace by next year doesn’t disappoint you, then you won’t do a thing to make it happen. Similarly, if you won’t be disappointed that you haven’t lost any weight, all your efforts are going to be a waste of time and maybe more importantly, engender anguish.
When you make yourself aware of the things that will most disappoint you, you have ensured their success.
Just let me know if world peace is on your list. 

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