It’s time to beat stress

September 24, 2009 | admin
The daily nag is like the drop of lemon in the vat of milk, the off-key boy in the choir, or the tiny scratch in the brand-new car. This second kind of stress takes the sweet edge off everything we do.
Most of the time we don’t even notice it, but when we see a teenager laugh hysterically during a movie, not a care in the world, or a 6 year old get lost in the fun of a playground — we realize we used to be like that.
And we would still be like that if not for the stress.
Some people quit. They leave a note (or maybe not) and are never heard from again. Some quit permanently from life. Some quit with drugs or alcohol, some quit with anger. 
And then, some of us think, will quitting help?
Simply answered, no, it won’t. We can’t escape stress,  we have to conquer it. Nobody who ran away from worry found a better life.
But let us think some more. We are part of an exclusive group of people. We are among the richest 1 percent of people who have ever walked the face of the Earth. If having everything doesn’t bring peace, then losing everything won’t either.
Really feeling good about ourselves, tranquility and peace of mind are not just childhood memories or nice concepts. If we have peace, we think more clearly, get things done more efficiently, see more opportunities and have more energy. In fact, there is nothing that will not get done better if it’s done with peace of mind!
Knowing this, what is the sense of stress? 
The worry paradox: If you worry that you will fail, then your chances of failure are much higher because you worry. 
So, why?
We simply don’t know how to stop, and we simply don’t believe it’s possible.
But it is, you had peace of mind once, you can learn to have it again.

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