Mirror Mirror — who is that?

March 17, 2009 | admin

You might have heard the famous line from the French philosopher Descartes,, "I think therefore I am."  I would like to suggest a more accurate way to express it: I need to be an "am" so therefore "I think."

We need to feel we are here.

The Talmud praises the person who goes out of his way to greet others with a smile, because through this you give people a sense of self-worth.

No matter how stern our outer persona, we all need to feel we exist, so we look in the mirror.  Similarly, it’s a note of our own reality when we see our name in print, even if it’s the telephone book.  It gives us a feeling of "being."

The more we feel, the more we feel real.  In this desperate need to feel real we evoke emotions – unfortunately, more often than not unhealthy or negative ones; since these are much easier to create.

If you have ever wondered why people spend so much time pondering thoughts that only make them miserable, it’s because we would rather feel real and be miserable, than feel nothing.

TOOL: Next time you look at the mirror, give yourself a good feeling.  Compliment your soul.

What is your soul?

Anything you can’t see in the mirror.

When you look at the mirror you feel real.  When you see your soul in the mirror, you will feel really good.


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