My friends, we have been mis-labeled!

August 25, 2009 | admin
Not understanding ourselves.
The Talmud calls man a seeker.  Monkeys, lions and fish don’t seek.  Give a monkey a tree and a banana and they are happy as punch.  Monkeys want to be.  Monkey’s are Monkey Beings, but Humans are Human Seekers.  
Look around and you will see, no matter what a human has, they seek more.  Every single one of them on this planet, from Osama bin-Laden to the Queen of England is looking for something more.  Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, they all want more out of life.
Its ignorance that makes people think its somewhere where it isn’t.  It’s ignorance that makes fanatics think that killing innocent people will bring peace.  It’s ignorance that makes people think that poverty and abuse are acceptable.
These are man made problems, or to be specific, ‘man-seeking’ problems.  Animals don’t do to each other what we are capable of.  Because animals are happy just being.  
We can’t change our nature, but we can educate it.  The problem you have with yourself, and the people around you, is simply a matter of education, we all want the same love, happiness, peace and joy, we just don’t understand how to attain it.
The people around you don’t want to be bad, rather, they are seeking good, they just don’t understand.  Through educational sites like this, and other’s like it, we are making the world a better place.
Help us enlighten the world and spread the wisdom.
Our newsletters, websites, retreats, seminars and classes happen because people understand the light.
Thank you. 

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