My private conversation

April 8, 2009 | admin
Why do we ever change?
Because we want to.
Something inside of us says "Enough."  No external force or "miracle" makes us change.  We only use them as excuses to not change. 
We change because we are fed up with the way things have gone, because we realize nothing is going to change unless we do.
Because we realize it’s our fault and our responsiblity; we just keep making excuses.
Those excuses have a life of their own, and create a life in us.  They are the chametz (leavened bread) we don’t eat on Passover.  They are leaven, because they expand to fill the vacuum of our souls.
If you want to be free, you need to remove your excuses.
But as I said, this is a conversation with myself, so, if I want to be free, I need to remove my excuses.
Let’s say and mean what we say in the Haggadah this year: "Now we are slaves, next year may we be free."

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