Needy People (part 1)

November 29, 2010 | admin

The value of your life is determined by how many people need you.

Not how many people you need.

No matter how busy you are, or how tense the pressure, if the President called you, or your name was unanimously chosen by all the world leaders as the only person who could save the day, you would be feeling very charged!

Life is really very simple: the more you have, the more needed you are. The more needed you are, the more you have of what makes life great.

If you find that no one needs you, it’s a good bet you don’t have what people want. That’s not as bad for them as it is for you — you can’t enjoy life with things no one wants!

As much as we might think it would be nice to just be left alone, that feeling only lasts a very short time. People who are not needed don’t last very long.

So therefore, when you meet one of the needies, someone who has ignored their inner drive and chosen instead to drive you crazy, keep these points in mind:

1.    They need you.
2.    The more people need you, the better life is.
3.    It could be worse, no one could need you.
4.    We all need someone else too. No one is an island.

So, when your boss, co-worker, nudnick in the next cubicle, son/daughter or even spouse is driving you nuts because they are soooo needy, realize this: the only reason it bothers you so much is you mistakenly think your life would be better if people left you alone.

And the only people that are left alone are needy people.

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