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Think like a WinnerA great attitude is key to everything in life. Almost nothing is more obvious than this. And if it were as easy as flipping a switch I doubt anyone would hesitate.

Our success in life is directly correlated to our attitude. This is easy to see in everyone around us but not so easy with ourselves even though it’s the
single biggest factor holding us back from a great life.

Therefore CORE9 will be one of the most meaningful and important
eventsof your life.

CORE9 is going to show you the techniques anyone can use
to create a winning attitude.

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Every Tuesday at 8:00PM
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4931 Cordell Ave
Bethesda, MD

$147 for all 9 sessions (First session free)

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Core 1: Nothing in life is ever what it
really is; rather, everything is relative
to what you expect it to be.

Life will rarely give you what you think it should.

No matter who you are or what you have. It’s incredibly cliché: when life throws you lemons make lemonade. The problem is,how do you do that?

This session is the how.

Core 2: A person is only as great as the ideas that form the fabric of their being.

Once you enter Core9 living you leave the world of victim and enter the world of the Master.

You cannot improve the quality of your life without improving the quality of your ideas.

The frequency of good events we experience will not increase unless we increase the quality of ideas.

Core 3: Your past is not a determinate of your future.

Thinking your history, youth, family background or even your own blunders has put you to some kind of disadvantage, is one of mankind’s most devastatingly bad ideas. You are not a product of your experiences, only your ideas. A bad idea will cause you to interpret an experience (no matter how good) poorly.

History is what has happened to you, but if what happens to you makes you, then you are a victim. A master has a choice: re-learn in a way that makes your life the way you want.

Shape your history to make your future great.

Core 4: Nothing ruins your day. NOTHING.

If you think that for life to work you have to get to a point where nothing ruins yourday, then you will never get there.

Core 5: If somebody has negatively affected your state of being, it’s only because your ideas are too inferior.

Other people’s mistakes don’t equate your bad day.

Letting people get to you means they have power over you.

Core 6: If you ever complain about anything, you have violated Core9.

The common view of complaining is that it’s like felling a small tree in a giant forest, the forest being our sense of well-being. Thus the loss of only one tree is unlikely to be noticed.

This is a mistake. Complaining is really like adding a small vile of vinegar to a vat of milk – no matter how vast the vat, everything goes sour.

Core 7: Use depression to be “up”.

The gap between today and the best day of your life is a ladder not a wall.

Don’t suffer a bad day, use it.

Core 8:Problems are never the problem.

Picture a four year old boy staring at his first pair of lace shoes. As such, he doesn’t have a clue how to tie the laces.

He thinks the problem is the laces, when in reality the problem is his lack of knowledge.

Problems are never the problems, it’s never the laces.

Core 9: If you meet someone who is not living with one of the Core9, you have to teach them.

True knowledge doesn’t come from us. The rule is, the more you give it away themore you will find.


1) What if I can’t make a session?

Core9 runs every week, so just come back to hear the session you missed. Once you register you can take it as often as you would like. In fact, to really benefit take the program at least three times.

2) Do I have to come at the beginning?

No. Each session is independent and can be taken in any order.

3) When does the program run?

Every Tuesday 8:00pm

If we have to cancel it will be posted here.

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