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July 4, 2010 | admin

“Bliss rocks.”

“A fun and clever approach to relationships and parenting.” Albert

There’s NOTHING like it!

** Bliss is so effective it received USA Federal Funding! **

BLISS uses laughter to impart great techniquesto give you the marriage you’ve always wanted.

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– 40 page workbook FREE packed with practical tools and an exclusive (fun) personality test.

– Plus, take the entire program as often as you need – no extra cost!

– Improve your marriage and your parenting. One of the first things you will learn is how these same easy tools will help you with your parenting too!

The seminar is 7 weeks long, and each session is an independent blow-away experience. Participants may begin at any time and continue through the series until they have attended all 7 sessions.

The Bliss Curriculum:


Bliss 1: Expectations.
There is only one word you need to know that will turn around any relationship – no matter what state it’s in!

You just won’t believe it till you hear it.


Bliss 2: 50% divorce rates do not mean the other 50% are in bliss.
Being happily married is neither rocket science nor endless sacrifices, in fact it’s much closer than you think.

You just won’t believe it till you hear it.


Bliss 3: What if you marry the Wrong Person?
Many people struggle with their marriage and parenting simply because they don’t know their job definition. Once you understand what the job is, you will be amazed at how many problems evaporate.

You just won’t believe it till you hear it.  


fortune.jpgBliss 4: They say love is blind, they say you can’t define love. They haven’t been to BLISS.

You just won’t believe it till you hear it.


Bliss 5: The 7 Rules of an Argument.
These simple concepts are going to change and smooth the way you communicate with your spouse. These same techniques can also be used with your child and even at work!

Bliss 6: The one thing you need to enjoy Marriage & Parenting.
Once you understand how love works, making it work is easy – you just won’t believe it till you hear it!


Bliss 7: The Meaning of Intimacy
This highly charged session has it all. Everything you ever wanted to know!



More Details:


Every Monday: Lincoln Square Synagogue: 180 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10023

Every Thursday: JCC of Greater Washington in Rockville: 6125 Montrose Road, MD 20852

Time:  7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

nyc bliss.jpgbliss 1.jpgYou are

going to

love how

easy and


The Bliss

Seminar is

at improving your relationships.

Each session is practical, fun and amazingly life-changing.

It’s just packed with useful ideas anyone will find helpful for both marriage and parenting.
See you at BLISS, for bliss!

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