Parenting is easy…..

June 3, 2008 | admin

I remember a 60 year old student of mine recalling, with sadness, that his mother never shouted at him.  Getting your kids to bed without a fight is not necessarily any more successful than with.
When people call me for parenting advice, I cringe.  They think I can tell them something that will make it all work smoothly, OY!  The point is, sometimes the havoc is good.

When it comes to the big picture the only thing that will help your children is caring.  And if you want to do a better job, care more.
Caring means, I care what you eat, I care what you wear, what you watch, who are your friends, how your day is going, etc, etc.
How you get them to eat their greens or brush their teeth is not as important as caring and making sure they do.
So if you want to give your children more, it’s quite simple and easy, care more.


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