parenting joy is not an oxymoron

May 29, 2008 | admin

I realized there were lots of programs, books, cd’s, encyclopedia’s, public libraries, oceans and galaxies written on how to parent.  But I couldn’t find anything on how to enjoy it.

What I noticed is one third of parents want to do it right, another third have given up and just want to have fun, and the last third grow daffodils instead.

The truth is, it isn’t that difficult, to enjoy parenting that is – not growing daffodils.  I will give you a little secret, that those who enjoy their kids already know.  If you want to enjoy your kids, feel sorry for the people who complain about them.

In other words, when a parent complains to you about their kids, instead of trying to out do them, give them a sympathetic ear, it will do wonders to how you feel about your own children.

I know it’s difficult to do at first, dark forces are at play here.  But give it a try and pretty soon you will be amazed how your attitude with your own children will improve.


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