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July 12, 2009 | admin
a) Myspace…
b) Facebook…
c) Twitter…
d)   Next?
If "a" plus "b" = "c" then what is "d?"


The information age has brought us to the stage where everything you need to know is knowable.
I can look up my ailment as easily as any doctor, research a case like any lawyer and study a problem like any professor.
Information is not what is missing, it’s advice.
And as much as there are an abundance of sites that offer advice, they almost universally fall far too short.
Sites like or Men’s Journal offer such saccharin and bland hope, like this actual gem for getting a handle on finances: "learn about long-term investments" — that’s it!

THE SOLUTION: is very different.
It travels with you throughout your life. It understands who you are and what you want to achieve. It’s working in the background thinking of how to make your life more enjoyable, better and fulfilling.
When you open your email it will give you solutions and ideas to problems you have been struggling with for years, or something to think about for a problem that just showed up.
With you can type in any personal question:
  • I feel stuck
  • My mother-in-law is ruining our marriage
  • My job is killing me
  • I just found out my son is doing heavy drugs
  • My daughter is dropping out of school
  • My wife just told me she wants a divorce
  • My boss is driving me nuts
  • I just found out I have a terminal disease 
Or, delve into any number of life issues: parenting, marriage, meaning of life, self-actualization, etc.


Start by plugging in your personal profile, aspirations, issues and challenges (each week another little snippet of data will be collected so the back-end can better understand who they are) then you pick a real live Rabbi or Rebbetzin and build a relationship with them as they take you week by week, step by step to greater life actualization.
Connect masses of people to the Torah.
The next big thing on the internet — by force of actually helping people in real ways. 
First 3 months are free, then standard rate is $4.75 a month (?)
Each Rabbi will be given a case load of 18,000 people
which will generate approximately 300 emails a day
which represents 20% of their personal correspondence 
$4.75 a month = $57 per annum
18,000 people =  $1,026,000 per annum
Team of Rabbi’s, therapists, and computer geeks will systematize the questions and issues to deliver answers.  
20% of the correspondence will be personal
40% will be specific to the issues
40% everyone gets the same  
Video Email Insights

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