STEPS TO WEALTH #1: Define Wealth

May 10, 2010 | admin
Many people want wealth, but all they end up with is money (at best). As such, when and if they get the money, they find that something is missing.
This is no small thing, money is unsatisfying, wealth is not. And precisely because it’s so unsatisfying it becomes increasing less meaningful to complete the mission.
For example, there is a vast difference between people who have inherited money and people who have earned their wealth.
There are many short cuts to achieving wealth, but all of them involve earning it.
In Judaism, money is a blessing. But the bigger the blessing the greater the potential for it to be a curse if it is abused.
It sounds like it would be great to have a lot of money, but it isn’t if you didn’t earn it – ask someone who wins the lottery. 
NEXT STEP: Wealth brings happiness, Money doesn’t.

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