STEPS TO WEALTH #2: Wealth brings happiness, Money doesn

May 11, 2010 | admin

It’s true that “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” But what is also true is that wealth does.

To be accurate, wealth doesn’t actually “buy” happiness, wealth IS happiness.

I know all those 60’s folk songs about being happy with nothing but ourselves, etc., etc., about happiness coming from within, happiness is a sunset, happiness is a song, happiness, happiness, happiness.

Listen, if that works for you, great. It’s just that the 1960’s ended and despite dancing in the streets and flowers in your hair, it didn’t make people happy.

Last I looked the Soviet Union fell apart because they concluded, wealth is happiness. China and India too have tried to get happiness without it, but it didn’t work. The whole world has come to realize that wealth is happiness. 

Look around, the people who have wealth are happy, the one’s with money are not.

The problem is, most people cannot distinguish between obtaining wealth or getting money.

Stay tuned.


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