STEPS TO WEALTH #3: Money doesn

May 17, 2010 | admin

When it comes to everything else in life we generally understand that the more sophisticated and beneficial it is, then it’s naturally going to be more challenging. For example, if your great uncle Charlie left you in his will, his prize 100 foot (state-of-the-art) yacht, you have to be a fool to think that it’s not going to cost you an arm-and-a-leg in upkeep.

Everything is like this. However, when it comes to money we have been led to believe that the more money you have the easier life gets.

As a very wealthy man told me once (and which I have heard from wealthy people many times over), “Anyone who thinks the problems of wealth are easier than the problems of poverty, never had money.”

If you are struggling with your life problems now, then you would not do any better with a greater level of wealth.


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