The 6 Big Mistakes in Parenting – Mistake #2

April 28, 2008 | admin

The fact that our children are not giving us problems is in no way an indication of anything. Countless books and tragedies have been told of parents "blindsided" by their children, who "out-of-the-blue" became uncontrollable or unstable.

Children are like cars, you just don’t know what is going on under the hood. But don’t wait for the problem to materialize, a responsible car owner has his car checked regularly. It’s a mistake to think that children can be fine one day, and difficult the next. The problem was always there — we just couldn’t see it.

In our house we don’t have one of those automatic icemakers in the freezer. This means we have to do what they did in the old days. No, we don’t buy it from the ice man — not that old. We have to fill up ice trays with water.  Everyone in my house complains about it (except my wife and I).

"Why can’t we be like every other civilized person and get an automatic ice maker?" My kids will often whine. The answer is simple, when I go into the freezer and see an empty tray, I know someone in the house is inconsiderate.

In other words, it’s broke, now I have to go fix it.


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