The Amoeba Classroom Story

May 28, 2010 | admin
Teacher: “It seems it was something men used to leave on the floor so their wives would talk to them.”

Teacher: “Anyway, through survival of the fittest the first man/woman hybrid appeared. This new species had many advantages which gave them a longer life span. They hogged the remote and watched the soap operas. They spent a lot of time in the bathroom reading hunting magazines.”

“This hybrid was a tremendous advancement over the lesser life forms. For instance, in the older versions the female would talk endlessly and the male would just nod. Now, as we all know, we can talk and then tell ourselves, “Shut up, you are driving me crazy!” and we don’t feel bad.”


As our story clearly demonstrates, evolution got it backwards, we Humans didn’t evolve from Amoebas – it’s the other way round. Amoebas are really the higher life forms.

In all seriousness, and the statistics prove it, those who have figured out how to be happily married are actually physically healthier, live longer and really do make more money.

If you are married you are already doing 99% of the work. Being happily married is not going to happen by working harder, but rather by working smarter.

Listen, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet are not working harder than the #2 in their fields. In fact, if you were to visit any one of them you would be amazed at how much more they get done than people working 5 or 10 times harder. The same is true in marriage. When you understand how it works, you actually work less hard!

If you want to continue struggling in your marriage, be my guest. But if you want to learn from the people who have figured it out, then there is no shortage of books and educational materials to help you figure it all out.

When it comes to business we are very eager to learn from others, apply that same wisdom to your family


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