The Big Blue Book of How to Change Your Husband into the Man of YOUR Dreams

November 17, 2009 | admin



Good choice, but no Oscar.

You have probably figured out, it’s a bit of a trick question, but let me first explain what is wrong with the blue book.

Which book do you want your husband to read? The Big Blue Book of how to change my wife, OR, the Red Book of how to LOVE my wife for who she is?

Oooh, that’s got to hurt.

So what is the correct answer? We should read both books.

This is how we relate to our children, there are parts of them we love and want to keep, then there are parts we try and change – and if we are weak in either of these areas, we will often read a book to figure it out.

There are aspects of all of us that are precious, but we also have things that need fine tuning. Seeing as we are not perfect, there are things we both have to change, and there are things we just should admire and praise – it’s both books.


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