The Blue or Red Book

November 17, 2009 | admin


red-book.jpg blue-book.jpg

You might have guessed it, along with Genie’s in bottles and Balanced Federal Budgets, those blue and red pills are pure fiction. But, something a little more real is a blue or red book.

The blue book will effectively teach you how to change your husband into the dream hubby. This guy cries during sappy commercials, anticipates your every need, never needs reminding to replace anything and forgets his keys as often as you do.

The red book will teach you how to love who he is, his snoring will send you to sleep, his repetitive anecdotes and jokes are a constant inspiration and his new golf clubs are not a luxury, they are an investment.

You will end up with the same result as the pill, it’s just a book and you have to follow the instructions within.

This makes the choice a little bit more interesting. Now choose one of the books above.

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